Biden Finally Addresses Key Issues — But He Really Shouldn’t Have

At this point, Joe Biden would be better off if he closed his mouth, retreated to the basement, and didn’t emerge until it was time for reelection. That is, if he even makes it until then.

The cognitively deficient “president” addressed the nation to discuss the tropical storm barreling toward the East Coast in an attempt to distract from the ongoing Afghanistan chaos.

In typical Biden fashion, his speech was a complete and total failure. He stuttered, stammered, forgot key facts, repeated points, and could barely keep his eyes open. His pinned shark eyed gaze gave hint that he was injected with some stimulant prior to taking the podium. Something is going on, and it’s costing American lives and American dollars.

Biden began his speech by addressing the hurricane that impacted the East coast. He made sure to remind Americans effected by the storm — who are primarily concerned about their personal safety — to socially distance and even get vaccinated.

His he kidding?

He then forget the name of the man he put in charge to head up FEMA, the federal emergency organization who responds to storms and other natural disasters.

Biden then clumsily transitioned into the Afghanistan debacle. This is the point where things got even worse.

Biden said that it didn’t matter when he pulled out — there was always going to be “pain and loss and heartbreaking images you see on television.”


The pain and suffering was not inevitable. In fact, the loss of lives, the Taliban takeover, the entire mess is a direct result of Biden’s failure to lead and the harrowing decisions he made by pulling out American troops before every citizen was removed from the region.

Not Trump, not even the Taliban are to blame. You can’t expect a snake to behave like a bunny rabbit just because you say so. The Taliban is a terrorist organization — what exactly did Biden expect? Instead of doing what was right, he listened to the defense contractors and Deep State military industrial complex before making his withdrawal decisions.

As a result, twenty people dead at the airport since this started. People, including a little, two-year-old girl crushed to death because of the desperation. Seven people were crushed yesterday after Joe Biden said no one was dying at the airport. That’s all on him and he keeps acting like the people are dismissible, collateral damage who would have died anyway. That’s sick.

Knowing that most Americans support an end to all foreign military conflict, Joe is attempting to shift the narrative away from “What could have been done differently in Afghanistan” to “At least we pulled out of Afghanistan.” He’s trying to avoid the question about his own failed actions.

Another reporter tries to ask him that again, in the context of asking about a poll that says Americans do not approve of how he’s handled the. The reporter asks him, almost apologizing. This time, instead of getting confrontational, Biden tries to laugh it off. Also not a good look, to be laughing when you’re told that America doesn’t think you are competent.

But perhaps the worst thing was when he appeared to take credit for the actions of “veterans groups” and other folks who have been doing incredible things to save people – because the Biden Administration is failing to do the job that they should be doing.

Yes, it’s the best of America that the military and all these other people are stepping up. But they shouldn’t have had to deal with this emergency. He not only put us in this situation, but now wants to glom onto what others are doing to pick up the pieces. He ended by saying he’s convinced he’d done everything right. That’s is just a little too much.

Let’s praise the actual people doing things here — the military on the ground from a variety of countries, and the veterans’ groups that he mentioned.