Biden Ends Work On Border Wall – Here’s What’s Next

Joe Biden didn’t waste time working to undermine the accomplishments of the Trump administration. In his first day, Biden passed a variety of orders that fit his handlers—I mean his party’s—demands. That includes ending the construction of Trump’s border wall.

The fate of the existing border system remains in question. Some of Biden’s people have hinted that they may spend considerable resources just to tear it down. What is for certain is that Biden will reduce Border Patrol’s ability to protect the Southern border, in his attempt to create an open border.

But Joe’s goal of erasing Trump’s immigration reform has already hit a snag. While he might be rolling out a red carpet for migrants, neighboring countries continue to uphold immigration agreements.

As newly installed President Joe Biden halted construction of the wall along the U.S. southern border, thousands of Central American migrants encountered another type of barrier that halted their march toward what they believe are newly reopened doors to America. The barrier came in the form of Guatemalan officials who lobbed tear gas and wielded batons, and who ensured that by Wednesday, some 3,500 migrants were aboard buses whisking them home to Honduras. [Source: Just the News]

Mexico, Guatemala, and several other Central American countries have worked with the United States to discourage migrant caravans from reaching our border. They continue to do so, since those agreements remain in place.

Even if Joe Biden wants to welcome migrants into this country, nations like Guatemala might not want thousands of strangers marching across their borders to get here.

Customs and Border Protection acting Commissioner Mark Morgan accused Biden’s rhetoric of sparking new caravans so quickly. Joe Biden hasn’t been in office for a week, but migrants were already trying to get in.

This is doubly worrisome for Americans, since the COVID pandemic continues. To let in thousands of newcomers, legal or otherwise, when regular folks can’t even do much without a mask or vaccine, sounds ludicrous.

Biden’s team has not explained what they’ll do moving forward. Last week, they begged migrants to wait until they have a plan in place, admitting they were not prepared at Day One to handle asylum seekers. It appears they don’t even have a plan for vetting migrants during a pandemic.

But how long will Guatemala and other countries continue to hold back the tide of migrants? Those agreements were put in place during the Trump administration. Biden can easily tear them down, to encourage a new flood of asylum seekers.

It all depends on how permanent those agreements were—and how willing these neighbors are to keep protecting their own borders.

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