Biden Destroys All Chances For 2024 Reelection

Joe Biden is in major trouble if he decides to run for a 2024 White House bid. Americans are voicing their opinion on the octogenarian president – and let’s just say it isn’t positive. Recent polling places Biden’s disapproval rating at an all-time-high amidst a number of scandals that continue to plague his administration.

A survey was conducted April 30 through May 6 of likely Democrat voters, and only 36.7% of respondents said they would “absolutely” vote for Biden. Those aren’t the kind of numbers that wins reelection campaigns. Another 20% said they would “consider” voting for Biden. Again, Democratic voters are sending a resounding message to the current president.

Going deeper, 22% of Democratic voters said that were “very unlikely” to vote for the cognitively-deficient president.

Liberal voters have resoundingly decided on who they would prefer to run for 2024 White House: current Vice President Kamala Harris. Of those surveyed , 41.3% said they would “absolutely” back Kamala Harris, while only 9.3% favored current Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg for the White House. The socialist wing of the Democrat party also received some attention, with “Squad” member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex receiving 8% of respondents on her team. Several other Democrats received less than 6% each, but 26% of pollee’s said there is not currently a suitable candidate in the party.

Needless to say, Biden is in hot water. Voters in his own party are signaling their distaste for the president as he battles on through scandal after scandal. Between ongoing violence in the Middle East, a crippling border crisis, mismanagement of the pandemic, troubling overseas business deals; it’s no wonder Democrats have soured on their own leader.

Author: Asa McCue