Biden Desperately Hides New Evidence On COVID Origins

Over the last year plenty has been said about COVID-19. Our media has certainly analyzed nearly every aspect of this virus–and the pandemic it has caused. For a long time, it seems that the only thing the MSM could talk about were the rising and falling numbers, mask mandates, and other aspects of this seemingly unending crisis.

But one issue they have been oddly silent on is where the virus actually came from. Vague statements about the virus coming from the Wuhan markets floated around for a while–as if that was enough to settle the matter.

The fact remains, however, that we’ve received very little information about how this pandemic started. And, more importantly, how we are going to hold China accountable for it. New information continues to emerge, suggesting the media’s narrative on the virus is not accurate. Now, Republican lawmakers are demanding answers from Biden and his administration.

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are demanding President Joe Biden and Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines provide more information on the origins of COVID-19, claiming that new evidence has emerged that appears to show the virus first originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab…

“The letter demands that the intelligence community turn over all of its information on COVID-19’s origins, specifically requesting any reporting on a possible ‘collaboration’ between the Wuhan lab and the Chinese military.” [Source: Daily Wire]

There have been allegations that the intelligence community “suppressed dissenting views” on where the virus came from. And that the community also relied on experts with “concerning yet undisclosed entanglements.” They are most likely referring to Anthony Fauci, whose organization had been bank-rolling the Wuhan lab.

Fauci had been previously grilled over the millions his organization had pumped into the Wuhan lab. Evidence suggests they were funding the lab’s “gain of function research,” a process that makes viruses more infectious and deadly. Fauci, a media darling and COVID profit of doom, has denied any allegations.

But the evidence continues to grow. And Republicans are even accusing Biden and Haines of not being forthcoming about how and why they are so convinced the original story about the virus is true. They want to know why our intelligence community was so certain the start of the pandemic was the result of an accidental contact at the wet markets.

If that was the case, why is there strong evidence that it started in a lab? Shouldn’t our intelligence agencies be more thorough and effective than that? Why did they dismiss legitimate signs that the virus came from the Wuhan lab? Unless, of course, there were ulterior motives?

That might be what Republicans are getting at. The emerging evidence suggests China–and perhaps some in the United States–wanted to hide how the pandemic really began. It’s no secret why China would want to hide that information. They have refused to take responsibility for this global crisis and will continue to do so.

But why would anyone in America want to help China cover up this possible origin? Why would our own IC want to obscure the facts? Why would they want to help protect China?

Those are some disturbing questions that need answers.

Author: Thomas Smith