Biden Defies Impeachment Proceedings–Refuses to Do This One Thing

As House Democrats continue to push their impeachment of Donald Trump, many are already speculating on what the Senate will do. If impeachment goes to the Senate, Republican leaders are already promising an explosive trial. That includes testimony by former vice president, Joe Biden. But to save his bacon, Biden is making one thing clear: he will not cooperate.

This entire impeachment hoax started with Joe Biden. Democrats plunged our nation into chaos and uncertainty, just to protect him. After all, they are trying to impeach Donald Trump over something Joe Biden did.

Biden used his influence as vice president to force Ukraine to fire their top prosecutor. He even withheld aid to get them to do what he wanted. That’s bad enough as it is. But many suggest he did this to protect a $50,000/a month gig his son had with a Ukrainian company.

President Trump is being attacked by the left simply because he wanted Ukraine to investigate this questionable situation. Why shouldn’t the American people know if the former vice president (and current presidential candidate) abused his influence to protect his son’s job?

For that, the left is trying to impeach Trump—all to distract from Joe Biden’s potential crimes.

But there is a problem. If House Democrats vote to impeach Trump, the whole thing moves to the Senate. Republicans like Lindsey Graham have already promised to question Joe Biden (and his son) under oath. That will really blow a hole in Democrats’ plan.

However, Sleepy Joe recently said that he will not testify, only suggesting he has something to hide.

Joe Biden ruled out the possibility that he would voluntarily testify in the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump on Wednesday, saying to do so would “divert” away from the issue at hand…

Biden’s refusal sets up the likelihood that he would need to be subpoenaed to appear before Congress, especially if the impeachment inquiry proceeds to a trial in the Senate. Some Republicans, like Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Ron Johnson (R-WI), have already signaled it would be inappropriate for the impeachment inquiry, let alone a trial, to progress without the testimonies of both the former vice president and his youngest son, Hunter. As such, Senate Republicans have begun looking into the Obama-era White House and Hunter Biden’s wheeling and dealing in Ukraine, which has taken center stage in the inquiry. [Source: Breitbart]

Biden quickly tried to accuse Trump of committing “impeachable crimes,” in a desperate bid to divert attention from himself. But we can clearly see a difference between what Trump did and what Biden did.

We’ve read the transcript. We know that Trump simply asked Ukraine’s president to look into what Joe Biden did. There was no pressure, nor any mention of aid. Biden, on the other hand, has bragged about how he threatened to withhold $1 billion dollars if Ukraine didn’t fire a man investigating his son’s company.

Hmm… which sounds more like a crime to you? I’ll give you a minute to decide.

Oh yeah, it’s what Joe did!

Democrats really stepped on a landmine this time. They thought they could set up a fool-proof scheme to take down Trump. Didn’t they realize that, if they can get enough votes to impeach, it would end up in Senate Republicans’ hands? Did they really believe that Republicans wouldn’t hold a trial to expose every last crime the Democrats committed?

At the very least, they should have known Biden would be put in the hot seat. Biden only now sees the danger he’s in. His presidential campaign is not the only thing in danger. If he’s forced to testify under oath, he might throw himself, Obama, and many others under the bus.

If Dems were smart, they would have never started this bogus impeachment charade. But they’re not.

So Republicans in the Senate will finish it for them. Biden can complain all he wants, but he won’t get far with a subpoena hunting him down.

Don’t be surprised if, after all the fake news and spin, Democrats vote down impeachment—to once again protect Biden.

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