Biden Creeps Out Entire World With Odd ‘Whisper’ Trick

What in god’s name is going on with the President of the United States?

Do they really expect the American people to sit back and witness Joe Biden’s erratic behavior and pretend this man is of sound body and mind?

Has the world gone mad?

These are the typical questions many Americans are asking themselves as Biden continues his Embarrassment Tour in Glasgow, Scotland in what appears to be a summit to tackle climate change.

Even Biden voters can’t believe what’s become of Sleepy Joe, who recently owned up to his nickname when he was seen taking a cat nap as the summit kicked off.

However, Biden’s handlers must’ve given him something strong leading up to his moment at the podium. It seems his brain temporarily popped on, giving him enough wherewithal to remember the speech tactics his communication team taught him back home.

Right when you could see the fatigue on his face, Biden broke into the often-used stage whisper during a press event.

Biden leaned in toward the microphone and claimed in an exaggerated whisper that the United States economy was on the rise.

In gamblers jargon, this would be Biden’s ‘tell,’ or a clear indicator that someone is bluffing.

Even he knows the U.S. economy is not on the rise. He just simply isn’t allowed to tell the truth.

But, as he said, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating,” and what Americans are currently spending at the gas pump and in grocery stores is proof positive of a failing U.S. economy — regardless of what this dotard says.

Returning to his normal voice, Biden continues lying, saying, “It’s growing,”

“It has problems, mainly because of COVID and supply chain, but it’s growing … We’re leading the world in terms of the fastest growing economy.”

Seriously, what planet is he living on?

Meanwhile, online backlash immediately ensued after the cognitively deficient president embarrassed the country he proports to lead.

And would you look at that: evidence! Democrats love evidence, don’t they?

According to analysis from multiple economists, the United States does not have the fastest growing economy — in fact, it is ranked fifth behind India, China, the United Kingdom and France. The projection for 2022 shows the U.S. ranked fourth behind India, Spain and China.

You read that right: at this pace, the U.S. economy will trail behind…SPAIN.

God help us.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth