Biden Completely Ignores ‘Red State’ Tragedy

Texas is under siege by a brutal winter weather storm — and Joe Biden couldn’t care less. 

For the fourth day in a row Texans has experienced widespread power outages causing the deaths of over 20 Americans.  

Rolling blackouts currently plague most of the state. Power generators have completely frozen over due to the extreme cold and ice, and still no federal response from ‘President’ Joe Biden. Our nation’s sleepiest ‘President’ is likely punishing the red state because of their ongoing backlash to his wildly destructive green energy policies.

The president claiming to bring ’empathy’ back to the White House is no where to be found. 

Americans typically expect their presidents to voice their concerns during a disaster and demonstrate they are doing everything in their power to help them.

Biden, however, made no mention of Americans struggling in Texas and surrounding states during a lengthy CNN town hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Tuesday night.

Despite totally ignoring the southern tragedy, Joe Biden voiced concern over the trembling White House reporters waiting for a statement from Biden in the blustery Washington D.C. 

“That’s a hell of a job description you have, you’re out here so late!” he said to the liberal reporters. 

Despite his public ‘iciness’ toward the Texan tragedy, it’s reported that Biden is in talks with southern lawmakers behind the scenes. 

According to the White House, Joe Biden and his wife ‘Dr.’ Jill Biden send ‘prayers and best wishes’ to the citizens affected by the governor’s respective states. 

The crisis extends as millions of Americans will likely be hit with another winter weather storm on Thursday. 

Instead of dealing with the catastrophe at hand, the majority of Biden’s public statements have been centered around passing his trillion-dollar Covid-19 relief bill and vaccinations. 

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