Biden Compares Trump To Communist Dictator – And It Could Cost Him 2020

Democrats have taken the Latino vote for granted for years. Recent polls suggest Hispanic approval for the president is at record highs. Desperate, Joe Biden staged an event to win over Hispanic voters. But from the very moment the event started, he made a mess of things.

While Democrats simply assume minorities will vote for them, Trump has been working to win over their support. Since being elected, he helped achieve the lowest unemployment among black and Hispanic Americans. Several notable Hispanic business owners have thanked and celebrated Trump’s leadership, urging Americans to re-elect him.

It’s safe to say a large number of Hispanic Americans will vote for Donald Trump this year, enough to send Joe Biden packing.

So, although he’d rather be sleeping, Joe Biden went to Florida to pander to Hispanic Americans. But from the very beginning of his speech, he made one mistake after another.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was widely slammed on Tuesday night over an incident that was described as embarrassing and patronizing where he played a Spanish sex song in an apparent attempt to connect with Latino voters…

“I just have one thing to say,” Biden said as he looked down to figure out how to use his phone. “Hang on here.”

Biden then played “Despacito,” a top song from a few years ago, that means “slowly” in English. The song is sexually graphic in nature. [Source: Daily Wire]

Joe Biden—let’s be honest Joe Biden’s campaign staff—thought it would be a good idea to play a Spanish song before his speech. Joe has such a low opinion of Hispanic Americans, he thought playing this song would bowl them over.

Users online were quick to blast the man, saying his pathetic attempt to win them over with a pop song was insulting. It seems Joe doesn’t think Hispanics care about important issues like the economy or law and order. Nope, they’ll just be won over by playing a few seconds of a song.

You know, Democrats have often accused Trump of being racist. But I’ve never seen the president do this kind of bullcrap.

It only got worse from there. In an attempt to scare voters into backing him, Joe Biden compared President Trump—a champion of capitalism and freedom—to communist dictator Fidel Castro.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden compared President Donald Trump to the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro Tuesday in an apparent attempt to sway Latino voters in Florida, per Fox News…

Biden, Tuesday, fought back in a Univision Orlando interview by directly comparing Trump to Castro, whom many older Florida voters emigrated to the United States to escape. [Source: Daily Wire]

Biden foolishly said Trump has more in common with “Castro than with Churchill.” Right, Joe, we believe you.

Trump, the man who promised America will never be a socialist country, has more in common with an infamous man who forced socialism/communism onto Cuba.

Biden went on to lie and say Trump “admires” Putin and Xi—something Trump has never said once.

(Pretty rich, though, coming from a man who once clinked glasses with Communist Xi.)

It seems Biden is forgetting that, while serving Obama, he approved of the former president’s efforts to normalize relations with Castro’s Cuba. They reopened relations with the communist state, refusing to demand any changes to the way the Castros manhandle their own people.

Trump, meanwhile, has opposed communist regimes in South and Central America and refused to work with the communist dictator of Venezuela.

So… who has more in common with Castro?

Keep talking, Biden. It seems the harder you try to bash Trump, the worse it goes for you.

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