Biden Collapses Into Hysterics After Democrats Dish Out The Ultimate Betrayal

When Biden announced his infamous vaccine mandate in early September, the only people willing to defy him were private businesses and Republicans. Numerous companies vowed to oppose his mandate, which would force Americans to choose between their liberties (and personal health choices) or their jobs. Some businesses pledged to sue. Republicans at the state and federal level slammed Biden over this gross overreach of authority.

The only people who were oddly silent were Democrats.

Yes, we know that Democrats are blindly following Joe off a cliff. But why would they refuse to oppose him, when he was clearly violating the Constitution? The president does not have the power to mandate private companies require their employees to get vaccinated. Already, the courts are knocking his various mandates into the dirt. Had it been Trump, Republicans would have spoken out.

Yet these cowardly liberals refused to fight.

Recently, Republicans in the Senate were bold enough to draft a resolution to ban Biden’s mandate. They were pitting themselves against Biden in a dramatic fashion. Only after they put their necks on the line, did a few Democrats finally do the right thing.

Multiple Democrat Senators now oppose President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate on private entities, a likely sign that the U.S. Senate will vote in favor of a resolution this week that would ban the mandate on private companies.

Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) reportedly indicated on Tuesday that he will vote in favor of the resolution that bans the vaccine mandates on private companies, saying, “I’m not crazy about mandates.” […]

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said in a statement last week that he also opposed the mandate on private companies…

Another Democrat who may vote in favor of the resolution banning the mandate on private companies is Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). [Source: Daily Wire]

Support appears to be growing among members of Congress to oppose Biden’s unconstitutional and abusive mandate on private businesses. It looks like the second branch of the government is actually going to do its job by checking the power of the first. Who would have thought! It seems like a few liberals in the Senate are willing to wake up and protect the rights of Americans.

(Just in time for the midterms? Perhaps.)

Biden’s minion, Jen Psaki, claimed that if the resolution went through, he’d veto it.

Which proves, once again, Biden is not interested in respecting the limits on his power. He is a dictator, who demands obedience from everyone.

Biden’s veto threat should motivate more congressmembers to oppose him. If enough lawmakers support this resolution, it will be veto-proof. Since Biden has made it clear he does not respect the other two branches of the federal government, Congress must band together to send him a message.

Anyone who refuses to support this resolution is saying they are happy with a “president” who rules like a tyrant.

Author: Matthew Jones