Biden Caught With Cheat Sheet as He Tries to Clean Up Putin Remarks

Usually when things go bad people say, “This can’t get any worse.” Well, strike that from your vocabulary, when discussing Joe Biden. Because it seems with each passing week, Biden does something to top his previous idiocy. Last week, he made heads spin when he suggested that Putin should be removed from power. The White House has been scrambling to fix that mistake, claiming he was simply expressing “moral outrage.”

As if a man like Joe Biden has any idea what “morality” is.

World leaders were forced to do damage control, as France and Germany reassured Russia they did not agree with Sleepy Joe. And the administration was forced to do something they hate the most, letting Joe answer questions from the media. He’s only done a handful of true press conferences in the last year. The last one, in January, might have sparked the entire war. And this week, he was mocked for bringing an answer card to his latest presser.

President Joe Biden was slammed on Monday over a notecard that he carried while talking to reporters that was a cheat sheet for how to answer what were deemed to be “tough Putin” questions.

The notecard stated in part:

If you weren’t advocating for regime change, what did you mean? Can you clarify?

        I was expressing the moral outrage I felt towards the actions of this man.

        I was not articulating a change in policy. […]

Another part of the card, which was only partly visible, posed an answer to the following question: “Is this now threatening to splinter unity with your NATO allies?”

“No,” the answer part of the card stated. “NATO has never been more united.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Presidents have used similar notecards before, but not with fully written out answers. Normally, they are “fact sheets” they use as reference, if needed when discussing complex issues. But photographs show that Biden literally had answers written out for him. And these answers were simply sentences that anyone with a third-grade education could remember for themselves.

Honestly, anyone with half a brain doesn’t need those kinds of answers written out for them. These should have been answers Biden could think of himself if asked by the media. Yet Biden’s handlers (aka the White House) can’t trust him to speak for himself. So, like a mother pinning a note to a toddler’s jacket, they gave him this printed-out cheat sheet.

The responses were brutal. Political commentator Mike Cernovich called it, “Utterly embarrassing.” That sentiment was echoed by many pundits, including radio host Clay Travis who also said, “He isn’t well and even with the questions in advance they still have to write out answers out for him.”

Tammy Bruce wrote what we all must be thinking, “How much longer can this continue?” Most likely referring to the Biden administration. Democrats have been trying to hide Biden’s failing mental abilities for years now. And they are increasingly failing at it. It’s clear the man is not even close to being fit for leading the country. The longer they ignore it, the worse it will get.

Author: Bo Dogan