Biden Caught Taking Secret Trips – Who Is He Meeting?

At one point in time, the Biden administration claimed it would be the “most transparent” administration ever. In fact, they even claimed to have the “highest ethical standards of any administration” in our history.

I guess we’re just saying things these days, without even trying to back them up with actions?

Nothing Biden has done has even come close to such a wild claim. Biden and his team have been remarkably untransparent, hiding even simple details about meetings and policy. In fact, things get incredibly murky when it comes to Joe’s shady and perhaps criminal son, Hunter.

Now, the White House is just admitting there are things they won’t tell the public, including who Joe meets with in Delaware.

The Biden administration announced on Wednesday that it will not be providing information about who meets with President Joe Biden while he is at his home in Delaware…

The reporter noted that Biden has visited Delaware well over a dozen times in the last six months and asked for information about “how visits from visitors and from family members with potential conflicts of interest are being treated for the purposes of White House [inaudible] disclosure.”

Psaki responded, “No, I can confirm we are not going to be providing information about the comings and goings of the President’s grandchildren or people visiting him in Delaware.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Did you notice what Psaki tried to do there? She seemed to suggest that Biden’s frequent trips to Delaware were just visits to see his grandkids. Okay, nothing wrong with that. But if those trips were that innocent, why would the White House just say, “He was visiting with his grandchildren”?

Because there is clearly something the White House doesn’t want the press knowing about it.

This is troubling, because of what con man Hunter Biden is trying to do. The man, who was previously involved in various businesses, suddenly decided to take up painting. Even though he had zero art experience, Hunter wanted to sell his ugly pieces for hundreds of thousands of dollars. And, of course, keep the money for himself.

The White House claimed there would be no conflict of interest, yet revealed the names of the art buyers would remain a secret. Again, so transparent. Many people, including Obama’s former ethics chief, revealed that this could easily allow powerful people access to the Biden administration for money.

Hunter makes a few paintings, sells them to rich people (from Russia, China, etc.) and they get to meet with Joe and make demands on the administration.

Now those little trips to Delaware suddenly seem important, huh? The names of every visitor to the White House are recorded and documented. It would be very easy for Hunter’s buyers to avoid scrutiny if they met up with Biden while he was “visiting his grandchildren.”

Even though it’s clearly a problem, the White House is blatantly saying it won’t be transparent. Is that really how an administration with the “highest ethical standards” ever should be operating?

I think you know the answer to that.

Author: Sam Graham