Biden Caught Playing ‘Hooky’ From One Of His Most Important Duties

Americans were shocked and disgusted after Joe Biden claimed his administration was going to force companies to mandate the vaccine for their employees. Many called out Biden, saying he did not have any lawful authority to make such a sweeping demand.

His radical, unconstitutional move would affect about 100 million Americans. It could force people to choose between taking a vaccine they do not trust and keeping their jobs. Already, numerous Republican governors have come out in defiance of this announcement. Prominent leaders promised to oppose Biden’s move, even taking him to court if need be.

One of those governors is Republican Pete Ricketts of Nebraska. He, like many other state leaders, is making it clear he will fight Biden’s latest vaccine mandate. And while defending his stance on Fox News, he reveals some damning information about old Joe.

When asked by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace whether he was being “cavalier with the health” of the people of Nebraska, Ricketts responded, “What we’re doing is focusing on preserving our hospital capacity, which we have successfully done here in Nebraska…”

Ricketts continued, “So, the president should look at the data and maybe the president should attend one of the weekly calls his administration has with all the governors — he’s not been on one yet since he’s been president — and maybe talk to some of the governors and ask them about what’s going on in their states, because he appears to be pretty ignorant of what’s going on in places like Nebraska.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Ouch. That’s a pretty brutal smack back against Sleepy Joe. Ricketts revealed that Joe Biden has not bothered to attend the weekly calls between his administration and state governors. In fact, he hasn’t been on one call, since entering office.

Um, how the heck are we supposed to believe he has any idea what’s going on in the country, when he can’t even bother to keep up-to-date with our governors? Biden is willing to trample the constitutional rights of 100 million Americans, but refuses to sit through an hour phone call?

These meetings were instituted last year by the Trump administration, when the pandemic hit. They have been a vital connection between the states and the presidency. Both Mike Pence and Donald Trump attended these calls regularly. But you’re telling me Biden hasn’t been on even one call?

What’s he got going on that’s so important that he couldn’t jump on over the last nine months? I thought COVID was a serious concern for the man, so much so that he’d violate our rights. But yet he doesn’t seem to even know the status of the states—because he hasn’t kept up with them.

This might seem like a minor detail, but it is very consistent with the incompetence and disorganization of this administration. Biden is a weak, pathetic leader. He ignores what is going on in the country and makes sweeping, unconstitutional decisions, without even thinking about them. And often, he just does the opposite of what Trump did, even if Trump’s decisions worked.

We should be very concerned of Biden’s absence from these calls, as we all with everything going on in this administration.

Author: Timothy Jones