Biden Can’t Outrun His Past—And It Could Cost Him 2020

The Democrats put all their eggs in the Joe Biden basket, when they made sure he became their nominee. Joe Biden thought he could win over “woke” leftists and black voters when he picked not-quite-African American Kamala Harris. But now Democrats are panicking as reports suggest young black voters are just not into them.

Do you ever wonder how the Democratic Party could have ended up with Joe Biden? Remember, they started with over 20 candidates during the presidential primary. And even after months of debates and campaigning, they ended up with a man with dementia.

Democrats thought Biden was the “safe” choice as—just like in 2016—they realized Bernie Sanders was gaining steam. Right before Super Tuesday, they got nearly all of the candidates still running to drop out (except Elizabeth Warren). That ensured that Joe Biden would get many more votes, stealing the nomination from Sanders.

Only now do they (perhaps) realize how idiotic that was. Sanders may not have won against Trump, but Joe is going to get wrecked by the president. He hid in his basement for months and when he does emerge, he keeps proving he’s losing his mind. And that’s not even mentioning the many racist gaffes he keeps making.

He—I mean his campaign—picked Kamala Harris to appease the left-wing woke mob. But—and he must have found out about this later—Harris has zero clout with African Americans, because he’s a former prosecutor… and she’s Jamaican and Indian.

Now, they are seeing a very big problem brewing.

2020 Democratic running mates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not appealing to young African American voters, Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell said Monday.

“For every African American, especially, young African Americans, we point clearly to the 1994 Crime Bill, which was sponsored by Sen. Joe Biden. One which gave $9.7 billion to build private prisons in our country and provided grants and incentivized states to create what we call the three-strike law…”

“Joe Biden is a part of the problem therefore I don’t understand how anyone could be thinking he could fix the injustices when he was the one who created them,” Caldwell said. [Source: Fox News]

You might not remember the 1994 Crime Bill, but it was specifically crafted by Democrats and had a disproportionate impact on minorities. Joe Biden co-authored the damn thing.

Joe might have thought Harris would save him. But that left-wing California Democrat actually threw the book at minority offenders when she was a district attorney. She sent many young black and Hispanic men to jail. Worse than that, she bragged about arresting minority parents if their kids skipped school.

If you were asked to pick the two worst candidates for run for the White House, you couldn’t find two worse than Biden and Harris.

Caldwell goes on to reveal that many young black Americans consider Biden as “part of the system” that they hate. The system that appears to keep them oppressed and held down.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to see soaring approval among black voters, because he actually helps them. Unemployment among blacks has plummeted during his time in office. And he is considered a D.C. outside, someone that does not support the broken system.

Plus, he was the first president to pass criminal justice reform—aiding millions of imprisoned Americans.

It should come as no surprise the black voter approval for Trump hovers around 30-40%.

Caldwell ended by saying there is no way Biden is going to get the massive black voter support Obama received in 2008—around 95%. He won’t come even close. Because of that, Caldwell says he’s going to lose to Trump.

Can’t disagree with that.

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