Biden Can Kiss Reelection Goodbye — America Has Had Enough

A large swatch of American voters aren’t giving Biden the praise he was expecting at his 100-day mark. Many have lamented Biden’s bait-and-switch tactics pulled on the campaign trail. Candidate Biden was committed to governing as a Left-of-Center moderate, with “Unity” between both parties a top priority. However, as President, he’s outed himself as being arguably the most Radically Left Commander-in-Chief in American history.

Rasmussen Reports released their annual telephone and online survey this week – and the results should be of much concern to the Biden administration.

Of those likely voters polled, 64% said Biden’s first 100 days have not been a success, 36% say he has been successful. Even more troubling, 44% say it’s been a total failure and 18% say it’s been somewhere in between.

As for expectations, 26% of voters say Biden has exceeded what they expected of him as President. But 39% reveal he’s proven to be far worse than expected, and 33% say his performance is on par with their expectations.

Rasmussen noted that Biden’s first 100-day outlook fared better than that of Former President Trump – but we all know why. Donald Trump’s presidency began with constant attacks from Democrats, character assassinations from the liberal media, and legal attacks from federal lawyers and judges. In April 2017, only 29% of voters rated Trump’s first 100 days a success; 45% said they were a failure.

In a breakdown, the new survey showed that:

—67% of Democrats say Biden’s first 100 days have been successful; 12% of Republicans and 26% of independents say the same. Also, 74% of Republicans rate Biden’s first 100 days a failure, as do 16% of Democrats and 44% of independent voters.

— 47% of Democrats say Biden has proven to be a better president than they expected, 10% of Republicans and 19% of independents say the same. Also, 60% of GOP voters say Biden has proven to be a worse president than they expected, as do 17% of Democrats and 42% of independents.

—52% of black voters say Biden’s first 100 days have been successful, 35% of whites agree and 32% of other minority voters feel the same.

Breaking down the electorate by income brackets, Biden’s first 100 days are rated highest among voters earning between $100,000 and $200,000 a year. Voters with graduate degrees and those who work government jobs are more likely to rate Biden’s first 100 days a success.

Among voters who rated Biden’s first 100 days a failure, 76% don’t believe Biden won the election fairly. Conversely, among voters who do believe Biden won the election fairly, 70% rate his first 100 days as a success.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth