Biden Busted — Media Tries To Cover Up Latest Act

Dealing with the border is no easy task. Sure, President Trump made it look easy. But that’s because he was actually good at his job. He made protecting our Southern border a top priority, and despite heavy opposition from the corrupt left, he fought to keep it secure. Joe Biden is merely a puppet for the radical left and soon after entering office, he removed all of Trump’s immigration policies.

What resulted was an explosion at our border. No doubt immigration activists in other countries are egging poor folks to risk their lives to bombard our border. Like they did back in 2018, they are convincing migrants that they will receive a warm welcome. Biden was not ready for this and is struggling to deal with the shocking numbers flooding the border. Trump’s “remain-in-Mexico” policy was enough to keep the flow at bay.

Good thing Biden got rid of it, huh?

But while the media attacked Trump every day for trying to maintain stability on the border, they are all but quiet over how Biden is failing. What’s especially galling is how they refuse to condemn Biden over something they mercilessly attacked Trump over.

Democrat President Joe Biden is reportedly putting migrant children in detention facilities that resemble prisons and is separating the children for weeks on end—both issues that Democrats and the media used to attack former President Donald Trump during Trump’s presidency.

“The number of unaccompanied migrant children detained along the southern border has tripled in the last two weeks to more than 3,250, filling facilities akin to jails as the Biden administration struggles to find room for them in shelters…

The border agency has been the subject of widespread criticism for the horrific conditions in its federal detention facilities, in which children are exposed to disease, hunger and overcrowding.” [Source: Daily Wire]

But wait, I thought Democrats were the “compassionate’ people who were going to miraculously end any problems at the border? Even they know we can’t just let anyone walk into our country, no questions asked.

They have to process the thousands of migrants demanding entrance into the country. Yet, because Biden foolishly removed all the protections from the Trump era, they have no way to manage the massive influx.

So, he is doing the very thing the media condemned Trump of doing (which was also done by Obama): separate children from families. But it’s much worse under Biden. Why? Because Trump ended the practice to keep families together. And his administration kept detention facilities under control.

Thanks to Biden, these facilities are overcrowded. Children are kept in prison-like conditions. And it seems they don’t have access to food or basic necessities.

Why aren’t the media pundits outraged over this? Why isn’t CNN sneaking down to the border to expose it all?

And where is AOC to “cry” in front of a fence, comparing Biden’s “cages” to “concentration camps”?

Could it be that Democrats don’t really care about these migrant children? That they were only important to the left as a reason to attack Trump? But now that Biden is in charge, these kids no longer matter?

A pretty ugly thing to say… but the evidence speaks for itself.

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