Biden Breaks Silence On Sex Scandals — Surprises Everyone

Joe Biden is protecting his own. 

The sitting president declined an opportunity to publicly condemn Governor Cuomo for not only his sexual assault allegations, but his policies that resulted in thousands of untimely deaths. Biden signaled his intention to wait until the investigation has played out to cast any judgement. 

When a reporter pressed Biden on the Cuomo scandal, the “president” replied, “We have an investigation underway. I think we should wait and see what that investigation brings us”

Biden spoke little about the scandals of his closest political ally before departing the White House for his home in Delaware. 

Both he and “believe all women” Vice President Kamala Harris have been noticeably silent on the growing scandal surrounding Cuomo. Despite being the mouthpiece for all women scorned, Kamala has opted to remain out of the media fray. 

The White House has repeatedly defended the silence of the president and vice president by using buzz phrases and media-friendly PR lines, such as, “We believe all women.” 

New York Democrats have not only voiced their concern, but have waged a full out war against Cuomo. Sens. Gillibrand and Schumer from New York have hopped aboard the Cuomo Resignation Train and are now calling for his removal. 

But Cuomo is refusing to resign. 

I want to be clear: I will not resign. There is still a question of truth here. I did no do what is alleged of me,” the fledgling Governor said.

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