Biden Bows To Leftist Agenda — Abandons U.S. Ally Amid Conflicts

The Far-Left caucus growing within the Democrat Party is urging Joe Biden to back Hamas terrorists in Palestine – and he’s listening! Our cognitively-declining president conveyed his wishes for Israel to cease all military action against Palestine in the coming days.

On Monday afternoon Biden spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During the call he expressed concern for Israel’s aggressive, yet necessary, retaliatory action against Hamas terrorists in Palestine following a barrage of rocket attacks. Israel’s military response against Palestine is going on its second week.

“The President expressed his support for a ceasefire,” the White House said of the call.

However, White House Press Sec. Jen Psaki did what she does best – towing the line, telling half-truths, and giving reporters canned answers without actually committing to any plan of action. The administration is making their quandary on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict quite apparent.

Reporters grilled Psaki, even asking if Biden believed Israel committed “war crimes” amidst the fighting. She brushed off the gotcha question, giving a very “appropriate” response, and falling just short of abandoning our ally in the region.

Biden has greatly changed his tune since his Saturday call with Netanyahu, proving that criticism from the Far-Left Democrats are influencing the president’s decision-making process. After that Saturday call, the White House noted Biden “shared grave concerns about violence in the region, but supported Israel’s right to defend themselves.” He made no mention of support for a ceasefire.

Democrat lawmakers have ramped up their Anti-Israel criticism since conflict broke out.

Freshman Sen. Jon Ossoff, who happens to be Jewish, lead a charge along with 28 other Democrats in a letter to Biden demanding a ceasefire in Israel, “to prevent any further loss of civilian life.”

Other members of the Radical-Left sect of the party took to social media to express their Anti-Israel concerns.

Socialist “Squad” Dem Rep. Rashida Tlaib called for Biden to demonstrate “outrage” that Israel attacked Hamas during Ramadan.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also noted her solidarity with the Palestinians.

If Biden continues to take foreign policy advice from Far-Left Democrats, there’s no telling how badly America’s geopolitical standing in the Middle East will be destroyed.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth