Biden Bombs Again: Inflation at Its Highest Since 1981

Biden would like nothing more than for you to believe the economic problems crushing our country are Putin’s fault. The problem with that? It’s a bald-faced lie. Biden triggered most of our economic challenges the moment he entered office.

His policies crippled the oil industry. He opened the border. And he does nothing about surging crime. But his biggest blunder stateside was his “stimulus” bill from last Spring. It flooded the economy with 1 trillion new dollars. How do you think an economy recovers from that? By reducing the value of the dollar.

Biden’s inflation has not slowed down, despite his administration’s promises. Now, it has hit an all-new milestone.

The cost of consumer goods increased 8.5 % in March, compared to 12 months earlier, the Labor Department reported Tuesday…

The year-over-year increase was the highest in roughly 40 years.

Analysts project the rate of inflation over 12 months ending March would 8.4% – the fastest year-over-year inflation since December 1981. The March rate also surpassed the year-over-year increase of 7.9% in February, which set a 40-year high. [Source: Just the News]

Thanks to Joe, inflation hasn’t been this bad since 1981, when the country was still reeling from Jimmy Carter’s buffoonery. The price of nearly everything continues to rise, putting tremendous pain on American consumers. The people who are suffering the most are the working class and the poor. They have no “cushion” for when prices jump. They are now struggling both to get to work and put food on the tables.

Yet Biden pretends like his policies are actually helping the working class. What a joke.

His administration continues to ignore the problem. Mostly because they have no idea how to fix it. Sure, they were put into power to do this very thing: weaken America’s economy to make us less competitive around the world. But nobody expected it to get this bad, this quickly. Americans are watching a president working actively against them. And they are not fooled.

This terrible situation could have been avoided entirely, had Biden just stuck with Trump’s policies. But Biden went out of his way to show America he is not Trump. Good job, Joe. We know you’re not Trump. Because President Trump’s policies actually helped Americans.

Inflation shows no signs of slowing down. Experts predict the Fed will have to dramatically increase interest rates to stop the bleeding. That will hurt the working class and the middle class while stagnating the jobs and housing markets. That’s what we call a recession. Yet Biden does not seem to care, even as his party hurtles toward a doomed midterm season.

Author: Bo Dogan