Biden Blunders Again–Claims Pandemic Hurting “Democrats” Only

In the ongoing saga of “Joe Says Something Ridiculous,” the presidential wannabe went on a rant about the virus crisis. He stated what was clearly a pre-written talking point about who the virus is hurting. Ignoring all facts and common sense, he said it was Democrats. Yet the people he described are far from liberal, these days.

You have to really wonder what the Democratic Party was thinking. They went all in to make Biden their guy over Bernie Sanders. Only now, do they seem to realize their error. Aside from the Tara Reade scandal, Joe Biden is falling apart. On a daily basis, we are seeing just how unstable he really is.

On top of that is Joe’s long history of making things up. He goes beyond most politicians in his quest to reinvent the truth. But when he’s called out for his lies, he thinks he can get by with just an apology.

Recently he ranted about the pandemic. He said the only people getting hurt were Democrats. Okay, buddy. Then he described what he thought were Democrats. Sorry, Joe, wrong again.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden appeared to politicize the coronavirus pandemic during an interview on Tuesday night by claiming that “the people who are getting hurt are Democrats.”

“Look, the people who are getting hurt are Democrats,” Biden said. “Hard-working people. The people who can’t afford to stay home. The people who are getting clobbered. The people who are making an hourly wage. The people who are out there saving our lives, caring the country on their back and losing lives in the process of doing it.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Ah, how cute. Joe Biden is pretending blue collar Americans are still Democrats! I guess he forget to ask them.

First off, his boob thinks this crisis only hurts Democrats. That’s pretty telling. He is pushing the idea that Republicans are rich, elitists who are safe in their gated mansions, unaffected by this pandemic.

Not quite, Joe. Republicans represent Americans from all walks of life. And every last one of us has been hurt by this crisis and the subsequent lock downs. All those “hard-working people” you praise? They’re conservatives.

Joe seems to think (or claim) that if you’re a hard-working American, earning an hourly wage, you must be a Democrat. Nope. These days, Democrats are more-likely to be latte-drinking bloggers or West/East Coast elitists. They are the ones largely unaffected by the crisis—which is why they are pushing for longer shutdowns.

The people who “can’t afford to stay home,” long abandoned a party prioritizing illegal aliens. They flocked to Trump’s banner in 2016 and haven’t looked back. President Trump has been putting these Americans first, making sure their needs are met first.

What did China Joe do for these Americans as VP? Oh, right, nothing. He’s praised a communist nation that has been taking our jobs for thirty years. He negotiated on behalf of China, just as they gave his son a billion dollars.

Democrats keep pretending they are the party of working-class Americans. But all they can offer us are food stamps and bad healthcare. They’ve long abandoned hard-working people, to do the bidding of the global elite.

The fact Joe doesn’t see this means he’s totally out of touch… or lying once again. Take your pick as to which it is.

Bottom line is: this virus and the bogus lockdowns have hurt ALL Americans. Except for the uncaring, detached liberal elite like Nancy Pelosi. They’re content with hiding in their fabulous homes, eating expensive treats. While the rest of us couldn’t get toilet paper for a month.

Do you really think Joe cares about you or me? I don’t think so.

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