Biden Betrays Hard Working Americans — Quickly Regrets It

It’s safe to say Joe Biden’s immigration agenda is a mess. After removing all the safeguards on the border, our country has been flooded with thousands of illegal immigrants. With more to come. Biden’s administration is struggling to handle the massive influx, while pretending it’s not a crisis.

But the reason so many have rushed to the border, is because of what Joe Biden is promising. He has long supported open borders, free healthcare for illegals, and other benefits that put criminals ahead of citizens.

His latest push, supported by Democrats in Congress, would grant legal status to potentially millions of aliens currently living in the country. The fact that they broke the law will no longer matter. They will be rewarded for constantly trampling over our laws and customs. Imagine how many more illegals will flood the border then?

But, as it turns out, this push for amnesty is not going well over actual Americans. In fact, two big groups Democrats need to win elections do not appear at all pleased with their plans.

Likely American voters without college degrees, those with only a high school diploma, and swing voters are the most opposed to two amnesty bills being voted on this week in the House, a new survey reveals…

A survey by Rasmussen Reports asked 1,000 likely U.S. voters if they supported the amnesty bills for five million illegal aliens. Those most opposed to the amnesties were working class Americans most likely to compete in the labor market against cheaper foreign, often illegal, workers.

About 56 percent of college dropouts said they opposed the amnesties along with 54 percent of voters with only a high school diploma. Roughly 42 percent of college dropouts and those with only a high school diploma said they support the amnesties. [Source: Breitbart]

Working-class Americans (including those likely to join a labor union) appear to strongly oppose any move by Congress to give amnesty to illegals. It’s obvious why, when you think about it.

The vast majority of illegal aliens take jobs from working-class and blue-collar Americans. Illegals are willing to work for low wages, with long hours, taking no benefits or paying taxes. Crooked companies are far more likely to hire them, than Americans who want a living wage.

Imagine if 5 million or more illegals are granted permanent status in the country? Working Americans would never get a job again.

It’s pretty ironic that the people Democrats need to win elections are the first people they betray. Democrats crow on and on about how they care about struggling families, minorities, and working-class Americans. Yet as soon as they think nobody’s watching, they stab these people in the back.

Will Americans be satisfied with measly food stamps and welfare, while illegals take all their jobs? Will they be happy with Democrats as they roll out the red carpet for thousands, perhaps millions of migrants?

Something tells me, no.

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