Biden Begs For Charity After Botching Vaccine Rollout

Due to the lack of supply of vaccines coming from the Biden administration, U.S. officials are forced to beg foreign leaders for their support. 

The situation has become so dire Biden and his team have solicited help from Russia to aid in vaccine volume and rollout.

The World Heath Organization has not yet approved Russia’s vaccine. As a legal shield the Biden administration does not officially recommend taking the Russian vaccine, but is offering it to the American public. 

Biden suddenly believes Americans should be making their own health decisions when it suits them politically. 

Under the Trump administration, the National Security Agency warned that Russian hackers were attempting to steal coronavirus vaccine research from universities, companies, and health organizations in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada.

“One of the richest counties in the world is requiring the charity of countries much, much poorer than them. It’s embarrassing,” an unnamed U.S. official said. 

Another U.S. official close to Biden revealed the administration has “no real plan’ to vaccine overseas diplomats and every other U.S. official operating in foreign nations.

“Washington has prioritized domestic officials who all have access to the U.S. health system. Foreign government officials have been left in the dust,” said one senior U.S. diplomat.

Some U.S. personnel have complained about certain invasive medical practices in foreign countries. Specifically, diplomats in China have voiced serious concern with the way the communist country administers COVID tests – anally. 

The Biden administration provided a canned, PR-friendly response to the growing problem facing many of our overseas diplomats. 

In the report, State Department officials admitted a lapse but quickly rebutted with the number of troops currently being vaccinated at an increasing rate. In contract, the State Department refuses to admit exactly how many of their employees are in fact vaccinated. 

US Officials Beg Foreign Adversaries For Help After Vaccine Failures

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