Biden Backtracks On Yet Another Promise — Instantly Regrets It

Joe Biden is not fairing well with many of his first ‘100 day’ campaign promises. From vaccination rollout to stimulus checks, and now school reopening, Biden is struggling to succeed at anything except signing unconstitutional executive orders.

Jen ‘Lets Circle Back’ Psaki conveyed Biden’s plan to get kids back in school ‘at least one day a week’ by April 30th. This is a cop out of presidential proportions. 

“By day 100 of his presidency, Joe Biden’s goal is to have a majority of schools open, so more than 50% teaching kids in-person at least one day per week.,” Psaki said. 

One day per week?! 

The Biden administration is so desperate to check a campaign promise off the list, protecting Joe’s reputation as nation healer, that the school children have now become less of a priority. 

Joe Biden has made April 30th his deadline in the hopes he can achieve this half-hearted school reopening scheme. This proposal coming from the White House is a bottom barrel as any proposal gets, leaving kids desperate for education out to dry. 

The Biden administration kept their half-assed plan quiet as Tuesday’s briefing was the first mention by anyone on Biden’s team. Overwhelming pressure from the liberal teacher’s union could explain the epic backtrack the Biden administration is forced to reconcile with. 

“I’m very concerned about this new Covid variant, but I’m on board with the Biden administration’s goal,” said teacher’s union exec Randi Weingarten.

The liberal teachers unions have refused to return to work despite overwhelming health data that puts school low on the list of ‘super spreader’ locations. Despite the data, teachers have refused to return to the classroom yet are still demanding pay. 

With the massive delay in school reopening, many are blaming the unions and are beginning to question whether they have too much power. The Biden administration has signaled a willingness to bend a knee and more for these unions despite what the science is telling us. 

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