Biden Axes Successful Trump Program — And No One Knows Why

…more executive orders from the Biden administration.  

Joe Biden crushed President Trump’s apprenticeship program via executive order this week. The former president’s program was aimed at empowering workers and employers. The program significantly cut government red tape and regulation. 

The Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Program, or IRAP, was established by the Trump administration in an effort to revitalize employment-deprived American cities.

Trump’s order redirected focus away from the government’s labor organization and empowered American employers to advance opportunities for employees by stripping red tape.

Trump’s order directed the Labor Department to fund industry-focused apprenticeship programs, creating endless opportunities for struggling Americans. Biden’s will “revert back to the Labor Department’s traditional apprenticeships favored by organized labor—unions and other labor organizations—which will demand higher standards and increase job-training systems. 

Daughter and former advisor to President Trump praised her father’s success in the labor market and his administration’s employment efforts, namely the IRAP.

Ivanka and then-U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta, spearheaded the employment program.

Biden has already attempted to destroy Trump’s legacy with a bevy of executive orders. Last month, for example, Biden ordered his Department of Health and Human Services to freeze executive actions from the Trump administration that significantly decreased prescription prices for Americans, specifically insulin. 

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