Biden Axes Constitutional Rights Overnight

Joe Biden celebrated the third anniversary of the Parkland school shooting by calling on Congress to pass more gun control.

In Trump fashion, Biden took to twitter to recount the heinous attack.

He concluded, in part, by writing:

Today, I demand Congress enact commonsense gun law restrictions. Legislation must include a background check requirement on all retail and private gun sales, an assault weapon ban, a high capacity magazine ban, and a legal crackdown on gun manufacturers.

His inaccuracies must be noted here. 

Biden using the anniversary of the Parkland shooting to call for mandatory background checks is ridiculous given the fact the Parkland shooter’s gun was obtained legally.  Extending background checks for retail and private gun sales would have done nothing to prevent this tragedy.

Additionally, the shooting did not “happen in seconds.” After much investigation it was determined the shooter was able to reload up to 6 times. In fact, even the mainstream media reported the length of the attack at “six minutes.”

This means the attacker could have wreaked havoc with every size magazine–Joe Biden’s high capacity magazine ban would have done nothing to prevent the tragedy. 

When the investigation of the Parkland shooting concluded, a committee put forward its findings. It was highly suggested school districts empower teachers, train them to be armed to ensure a future potential attacker could be stopped almost immediately. 

But Biden has routinely balked at this idea, making it clear absolutely zero federal funds will be allotted for training teachers to safely protect themselves. 

And to top it off, Biden mentioned the Democrat cities where gun violence is surging but did not mention gun control laws are already our country’s strictest in these cities. 

For example, South L.A. saw a 742% surge in shooting victims during the first 16 days of 2021, although California has universal background checks and “assault weapons” ban.

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