Biden Administration Sweetens Deal For Illegal Border Crossers

According to recent reports, Biden’s Department of Homeland security is rewarding illegal immigrants with a one year residency pass to freely live, work, and roam throughout the United States.

The new slate of Border Officials have released more than 45,000 illegal immigrants since Biden took office, many of whom have been given carte blanche in America with the new ‘one-year pass.’

However, in a sneaky attempt to minimize their plan, the Biden administration has referred to the passes as “parole,” a legal term referring to criminals, even though Biden is not charging border crossers with a crime.

With their one-year pass in hand, illegal immigrants can immediately apply for work permits via the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and subsequently start applying for American jobs. After receiving “parole” migrants are boarding Greyhound busses in droves to travel to different states like New Jersey, Michigan, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Texas, and Georgia despite a still growing pandemic.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted earlier this month that illegal border crossers are released into the U.S. interior without tests for COVID-19 and without required quarantine. These pandemic measures have been foisted on American citizens traveling domestically, yet for illegal immigrants they don’t apply.

Biden restarted the Obama-era policy of Catch-and-Release almost immediately upon taking office, officially doing away with Trump’s common sense Remain-in-Mexico border policy. As a result, migrant camps along the southern border are jam-packed with illegal immigrants, far exceeding capacity.

Many Democrats who in the past were hyper-critical of Trump’s border policies have been eerily silent since the harrowing photos of Biden’s camp emerged. AOC has blamed the recent surge on “white supremacy.”

Author: Yuri Turgenev 

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