Biden Abandons Another Promise After Numerous Failed Attempts

Joe Biden finally realized what most conservatives knew all along: the federal government is by no means capable of stopping the spread of a virus. However, Biden’s admission appears to be a last stitch effort to recover some support, not a realization that government has no place in our private lives.

The cognitively deficient president echoed GOP talking points on Monday when he admitted that there is no definitive COVID-19 response on the federal level.

The comments come as OSHA and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have attempted to enact sweeping federal orders in an effort to mitigate the pandemic, including employer vaccine mandates.

The OSHA rule, which require private businesses with more than 100 employees to require vaccination or weekly testing, will be heard by the Supreme Court soon, and should determine the role federal government plays in regulating medical treatment for private individuals and businesses.

At a meeting on Monday, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, chair of the National Governors Association, urged Biden to consider federalism in his administration’s COVID-19 mitigation policy.

“The production of 500 million rapid tests that will be distributed by the federal government is great, but obviously, that dries up the supply chain for the solutions that we might offer as governor.”

Biden quickly responded that “there is no federal solution” to COVID-19.

“This gets solved at the state level,” he added.

Biden’s admission comes after numerous promises to “shut down the virus” while on the campaign trail.

Additionally, many Republican officials – including then-President Donald Trump – urged governors to take command of their own states’ responses to the pandemic, which mainstream media outlets decried as “murderous” or “irresponsible,” claiming it was the federal government’s job to stop the virus.

During the same meeting with governors Biden even admits that his administration has not done enough to prevent a winter spread of COVID-19, echoing a previous Fauci talking point.

Is this a case of a politician getting out ahead of criticism, or is the Biden administration finally admitting that government has no place in the medical treatment of private citizens.

Let’s face it, there’s something going on…

Regardless, this is the same administration who refuses to test illegal aliens crossing the border before they’re allowed to roam free within the United States.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney