Beware: Your Ice Cream Might Be Racist

A New England ice cream maker was forced to quietly drop the name of its most popular ice cream flavor after cancel culture took aim

The ice cream aficionados changed their most popular flavor “Just Jimmies” to the new name “Just Sprinkles.”

“Jimmies” has long been a colloquial word often used in New England to describe what most Americans call “sprinkles.”

The cancel culture cretins have claimed that “Jimmies” was a racially charged word used primarily in the south during the Jim Crow era.

Lynne Bohan, a spokesperson for Brigham’s Ice Cream, explained the decision saying, “We changed the name to reflect the values of our customers. That being said, the origin of the word Jimmies remains unclear.”

The name change to Just Sprinkles did not have any affect on the recipe or the flavor.

Brigham Ice cream loyalists expressed deep satisfaction with the name change as using ‘Jimmies’ often indicated regional pride.

News came of the name change this week, but it appears the ice cream brand quietly changed the name last summer amidst other name changes from larger brands.

Uncle Bens and Aunt Jemima were forced to change their iconic branding over calls of racism.

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