Beverly Hills Liberals Applauded Riots – Until This Happened

During the massive protests and riots connected to the death of George Floyd, numerous wealthy celebrities voiced their support. Prominent liberals in Hollywood posted pro-BLM messages and even bailed out looters who were arrested. What are they doing now? Oh, just making sure nothing like that happens in their gilded community.

Reasonable Americans had to stomach hypocritical messaging from white liberals who wanted to appear oh-so-woke, in the aftermath of violent riots that destroyed our cities. You probably saw countless people post black squares on their social accounts to “give space” to black voices. Barf.

These “allies” of black Americans went as far as to applaud weeks of violent protesting across America. Often these “peaceful” protests devolved into riots, with buildings, homes, and churches being burned. Naturally, many looters demolished stores and ransacked them. Not only did these rich, white liberals refuse to condemn them, but they raised millions to bail out looters.

Things came to a head when terrorist group Antifa started discussing invading suburban communities. Even Twitter was forced to shut down Antifa’s U.S. account. Suddenly, all those rich, arrogant liberals realized that the monsters they support might turn on them. Now, Beverly Hills is making sure they stay nice and insulated from the chaos they encouraged.

Using coronavirus as an excuse, the City of Beverly Hills issued a strict order earlier this week banning protests, demonstrations, and curtailing plans for an “autonomous zone” in one of the country’s wealthiest districts.

“To preserve the peace and tranquility of residential neighborhoods, effective tonight and until further notice, no more than 10 people shall gather in an assembly in a public right of way in a residential area between the hours of 9 p.m. – 8 a.m.,” the city’s social media accounts announced…

The order, Hot Air reports, stems from fallout over an “Occupy” protest that played loud music and otherwise disrupted sleeping Beverly Hills residents between the hours of 10 pm and 1 am sometime last week. [Source: Daily Wire]

Yes, these liberals were all too happy to see Chicago, Minneapolis, and New York ransacked. But when rioters started attacking Rodeo Drive? Suddenly it all came home for them. When a group of protesters started playing loud music at night, oh that was the last straw!

The city is claiming this all about COVID-19, even though the virus has been around since February. The new order limits gatherings to 10 people or less between the hours of 9 PM to 8 AM. Of course, silent gatherings—like candlelight vigils—can be larger.

Not sure why sound would affect the spread of COVID. Loud music from a speaker doesn’t spread the disease, people do. Even in a quiet vigil, people can get infected. Beverly Hills should just admit they are doing this to prevent violence in their neighborhood. That’s a reasonable goal, right?

But these are the same people who encouraged violence across America, even in downtown Los Angeles. They didn’t seem to care when Minneapolis was devastated. Or when anarchists took over a part of Seattle. If they admitted this new order is to prevent that kind of thing from happening there… well, just imagine what we’d say?

We’d call them ugly, pathetic, America-hating hypocrites.

These folks are also trying to prevent the creation of a CHAZ-like settlement in their neighborhood. Now calling themselves an “occupy protest,” these anarchists continue the destruction of a portion of Seattle. The “occupy protest” that took place in Beverly Hills must have really ruffled some rich Democrats’ feathers. They liked seeing that on the news, far, far away. I guess when you’re faced with that kind of chaos up close, it’s a different story.

But maybe, if they actually spoke up to condemn this nonsense, the rest of the country would benefit? Nah, why would they ever do that?

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