Bernie Sanders Humiliated as Union Protests His Biggest Plan

2020 presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, went to Las Vegas to speak to a large union. The socialist worked very hard to try to win over this key group of voters. It seemed like the union members were on board with his disastrous, left-wing plans. Until he came to one big one, that is. When he began to discuss something that will directly impact their lives, they began to question him big time.

You have to wonder why American unions still back Democrats. Long, long ago, the Democratic Party claimed to be the party of the working class. In fact, the Democrats were quick to support the growing formation of labor unions (right around the time organized crime did, too).

But times have changed. Democrats in D.C. have more in common with global elitists than they do with regular, working-class union members. In fact, most of the major policy platforms backed by 2020 Democrats would severely damage the success (and earning power) of most labor unions.

It shocks me to think that unions still back Democrats, even as they turn a blind eye to illegal immigration. I personally know people who lost their jobs, thanks to “undocumented” workers. The epidemic is so bad, entire states are off-limits to hard-working American union members. Yet these groups still embrace Democrats, even as these politicians work against them.

But in one issue, it seems unions are not budging. During a town hall meeting with a major union in Las Vegas, Bernie Sanders tried to curry their favor with all his bogus, overpriced promises. It was all but a love fest, until he turned to healthcare.

Bernie Sanders faced pushback from union members in Las Vegas on Tuesday over how the Democratic presidential candidate would fund a government-subsidized health care plan that would force union members to forfeit the benefits they’ve spent years bargaining for…

Elodia Muñoz — one of 550 Culinary members to strike against the Frontier hotel for more than six years between 1991 and 1998 – questioned why she should vote for a candidate who supports Medicare-for-All after all her effort, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. Under the government plan, all Americans, including union members, would lose private insurance plans.

During Sanders’ response, the crowd began to chant: “Union health care! Union health care!” One man also shouted: “How are you gonna pay for it?” [Source: Fox News]

Wow. You better believe Bernie was not expecting any kind of resistance from this group. After all, unions have been in the pocket of Democrats for decades (much like black voters). But even these union workers knew that Medicare-for-All would doom something they’ve worked years to achieve.

Sanders thought he could butter up these union members with his idiotic promises. Sanders was able to win over stupid college students in 2016 with promises of free college tuition (not explaining that those students would be out of college by the time he could pass that bill). But these union workers have fought very hard to get quality healthcare—which they earn.

If elected president, Sanders would eliminate their private insurance in exchange for a terrible plan controlled by the government. It would cost at least $32 trillion—paid for by taxpayers like these workers.

They would go from paying directly into their good plans to getting taxed to pay for everybody’s health plan. You can imagine how subpar Medicare-for-All will be compared to what they have now.

Sanders can spew his talking points about the current system all he wants, but he can’t do the one thing these workers demanded: explain how he’ll pay for his.

This should be a wakeup call for all union workers. Democrats are not your friends. They have exploited your votes for years, but done nothing to help. They’ve sat back as illegals took your jobs. Now, they want to take away your healthcare.

Why should any worker support that?

The only person actually fighting for American workers? Donald Trump. Thanks to him, jobs are flooding back to this country.

A Democrat hasn’t done that since… ever!

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