Bernie Brilliantly Frames Debate Rules, Makes It Look Like ‘Sleepy Joe’ Needs a Place To Rest on Stage

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The Democratic Party should create its own soap opera with its two remaining viable presidential candidates and call it “The Old and The Useless.”

The campaigns of former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are discussing a new format for their upcoming debate.

And after much deliberation, and fighting from the Sanders campaign, it looks like Sleepy Joe is going to be allowed to sit and rest his weak legs, Politico reported.

The campaigns were in a private phone call with CNN, which is hosting the Phoenix debate on March 15, when Sanders’ campaign argued against the new format in which the candidates would be seated.

“Why does Joe Biden not want to stand toe-to-toe with Sen. Sanders on the debate stage March 15 and have an opportunity to defend his record and articulate his vision for the future?” Sanders’ senior adviser Jeff Weaver said, throwing some shade at Biden’s physical strength.

For the first time in this election season, the candidates would be seated behind desks and would field multiple questions from audience members.

What’s next? We bring in Craftmatic adjustable beds and TV trays and run episodes of “Murder She Wrote” while the candidates yell at kids to get off their lawns?

The Biden campaign fought back against the Sanders team’s accusations and said that the format was decided upon by the party and CNN, who declined to comment.

“We will participate in whatever debate CNN choses to stage: standing, sitting, at podiums, or in a town hall,” Kate Bedingfield, the former vice president’s deputy campaign manager said.

“The problem for the Sanders campaign is not the staging of the debate, but rather, the weakness of Sen. Sanders’ record and ideas,” she said.

But what about the weakness of the elderly candidates’ legs and, of course, the blatant weakness of Biden’s memory and cognitive skills?

“We want to have an exchange of ideas next week in Phoenix. We look forward to taking voter questions in a town hall-style setting,” Bedingfield said.

“It is odd to see a campaign that says it is based on revolution arguing for the status quo because ‘this is how every other debate has been done.’ Why is Sen. Sanders opposed to a little change?” he said.

This is so sad. There was a time, and that time was not long ago in 1980, when Democrats questioned whether Ronald Reagan, at 69 years of age, was too old to be president.

And now they have two candidates who are about a week older than dirt arguing about sitting in chairs or standing.

“Joe Biden does not want to go head-to-head with Bernie Sanders, stand there for two hours, and go back and forth with Bernie Sanders,” Weaver insisted.

“He wants it broken up with audience questions because he knows in that environment, he won’t fare very well,” he said.

They are about 10 seconds away from flinging Jell-O at each other during the debate.

Author: Carmine Sabia

Source: Western Journal: Bernie Brilliantly Frames Debate Rules, Makes It Look Like ‘Sleepy Joe’ Needs a Place To Rest on Stage

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