Ben Carson Calls for a Reopening of America–Condemns Lockdowns

The conversation over the virus has clearly shifted from fears over disease to fears over the economy. Many states have been reopening as early as April. But many blue states continue to forbid businesses from operating as usual. Director of Housing and Urban Development called out states pushing politics, remind them of one important truth.

The data is pretty clear by now. While COVID-19 is a deadly disease, it poses a risk only to certain groups. The vast majority of Americans should be able to practice basic measures to stay safe, while conducting their business. Those most vulnerable should be protected, plain and simple.

Yet numerous states continue unreasonable lockdowns, with some claiming it might last over a year. It’s hard to believe any governor would do this out of “concern” for their citizens. The real reason is much more obvious, and pathetic.

Democrat governors seem to think that they can hurt President Trump by punishing their own people. By keeping states locked down, it hurts the economy. These morons think Americans would blame the president over that—not the actual leaders who are prolonging this situation. It shows you how the left’s utter hatred for Trump is leading them off a cliff.

Ben Carson called out this pathetic political game and called on state leaders to reopen.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson challenged state officials reluctant to ease coronavirus lockdown restrictions with a statement on American “tradition.” …

The HUD secretary expressed regret that seemingly “everything is cast in a political arena these days” when the goal is “to get the American people back on target.”

“…we can still recover from it if we use our common sense and we use the things that we’ve learned about the virus and about its transmission to get people back to work.”

“We can stay shattered and allow this thing to control us and when we finally come out, everything will be destroyed. Or we can act like, you know, our tradition is. Americans tend to be innovative. They tend to be entrepreneurial. And they tend to be brave. This is the home of the brave, remember that.” [Source: Daily Caller]

Carson struck a stern, but optimistic tone when he discussed the crisis before us. He made it clear that if we prolong these lockdowns, we might destroy far too much. But he reminded the country that American innovation will see us through. And that is very true.

Throughout this crisis, businesses have come up with smart and creative solutions. Some have stepped up to provided needed supplies. Others have developed new strategies to stay open and serve the public. That is the real solution to this crisis, not government-mandated shut downs.

But government officials have used this crisis as an opportunity to abuse their power. They have imposed unreasonable restrictions to punish Americans, rather than let Americans work to tackle this problem.

Carson reminded us that we are the home of the brave. We are not a people who thrive when we cower in the darkness. We can only succeed when we roll up our sleeves and get to work. There has always been risk and danger outside our doors. Why should that stop us now?

The HUD director called out leaders who want to use this crisis for political gain. Something tells me anyone that tries to exploit this situation will regret it, soon enough. Any leader extending lockdowns, pushing politics, or attacking hard-working Americans will face painful retribution.

But those leaders that put forward plans that reward innovative Americans? They’ll be sticking around much longer.

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