Battleground State Sheriff Reveals Bombshell Evidence Of Voter Fraud

It was only a matter a time before members of law enforcement revealed their findings, exposing the Democrats of their fraudulent tactics regarding the 2020 presidential election.

Most recently, a sheriff out of Wisconsin – a key battleground state highly contested by Team Trump – revealed he has overwhelming proof of voter fraud in an unusual hotbed of Democrat cheating.

A nursing home.

Democrats have a sick fascination with nursing homes since the elderly that occupy them are inherently vulnerable and can be easily manipulated.

Whether it’s Andrew Cuomo in New York who forced elderly patients to die by ordering COVID-positive individuals to be cared for in nursing homes, or Democrats in Wisconsin who prayed on the elderly to secure Joe Biden’s victory.

On Thursday, the Sheriff’s Office of Racine County held a press conference to reveal a deceased resident at a nursing home voted absentee in the 2020 election. The Ridgewood Care Facility resident, named Shirley, died on Oct. 9, 2020, a month before the election was held.

“Shirley was on severe cognitive decline, physically she was on decline, and to some degree, she was giving up on life, unfortunately, in her last days,” Sgt. Michael Luell said. “She didn’t want to keep on current events. She didn’t watch TV, didn’t read, and was just at a low point before she passed.”

The office investigated the issue further and found the nursing home had an unusual surge in votes from residents during the 2020 election. Of the 42 families with members in Ridgewood Care Facility, eight said their relatives did not have the cognitive ability to vote but allegedly still had ballots cast in their names.

The investigation examined one nursing home, but Sheriff Christopher Schmaling said he expects it will lead to other inspections across the state. He is calling on Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul to launch an immediate investigation.

The office’s allegations come not even a week after the state Legislative Audit Bureau found no evidence of widespread fraud.

How can Democrats ignore this shocking evidence that their party executed some of the most insidious levels of voter fraud in U.S. history?

Author: Elizabeth Tierney