Battleground State Is Still Counting Votes – From 2020

So much has been said about the 2020 Election—and the shady events that followed. The media has all but dismissed any accusations of “irregularities” that could have affected the supposed outcome of the election. And if you even whisper the word “fraud” on major social networks, they will ban you outright.

After all, simply discussing the possibility of election fraud means you want to start an insurrection. At least to Democrats who don’t want anyone questioning Sleepy Joe’s “victory.”

But questions still linger over how numerous states handled their ballot-counting systems. We all know that key swing states (and some historically conservative states) massively fumbled their election results. Liberals had managed to alter rules that allowed the possibility for questionable results.

In Arizona, one major country had dragged out the counting process, until Biden got enough votes to be declared the winner. Now, after all these months, the state is finally doing its job.

Republicans in the Arizona legislature will perform a full hand recount of the nearly 2.1 million votes cast in Maricopa County in the 2020 presidential election of, a state GOP leader announced this week.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann said in a statement released by Arizona Senate Republicans that state GOP leaders have decided on a “preferred forensic audit” the final details of which are currently being worked out.

“The audit will be broad and detailed,” Fann said. “[T]he team will include, but is not limited to, testing the machines, scanning the ballots, performing a full hand count and checking for any IT breaches.

“When all the work is done, there will be a full report for the Senate and County to review.” [Source: Just the News]

Gee, if only they had done this back in November—we’d still have a real president!

They say better late than never. But in this case, the damage has already been done. Republicans across the country failed to secure the election results and a man with failing help and probably dementia is in the White House.

The reason they are doing this now is the same reason other states are finally getting around to eliminating those 2020 election changes (and why courts are finally addressing many of these rule changes themselves). The establishment allowed bizarre, questionable, and troubling irregularities in the 2020 election to presumably give Biden the win.

But to make sure that will never happen again, they are closing those gaps now. Arizona’s legislature might find all kinds of problems with Maricopa County’s 2020 election results. Will that end up changing the election? Of course not. All this means is that they will make sure it doesn’t happen in 2022 or future elections.

It wasn’t just Democrats who wanted Trump gone. Swamp-loving Republicans from state-to-state helped them sabotage the election. They let rule changes that undermined their state constitution. They agreed to radical voting changes made by leftists (which was the case in Georgia). They sat back and let election officials pull suspicious tricks during the country process. And they ultimately voted to certify the results, despite knowing everything looked fishy.

So, great. They’re fixing the problem now. If only they can go back in time six months.

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