Barely-Functional Biden Uses Gestapo Tactics To Dehumanize Unvaccinated

The writing on the wall has never been clearer.

Rhetoric against the unvaccinated has become more and more inflamed and the propaganda surrounding the pandemic more and more unmistakable.

Despite the numerous public health assessments on the spread of Omicron, and definitive data that clearly shows the variant has mutated around the immunity vaccines provide, Joe Biden has lashed out at unvaccinated Americans yet again.

On Tuesday, from his fake (and creepy) White House set, the cognitively deficient president once again refused to take questions and resorted to blaming unvaccinated Americans during Tuesday’s COVID-19 briefing, referring to the continued spread of the virus as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Biden began by praising the new COVID-19 pill coming from Pfizer, saying that the newly-developed therapeutic would change the landscape with regard to managing the virus.

He then pivoted to suggest that unvaccinated Americans were expected to drive a surge of hospitalizations, adding that the federal government would supply additional personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals so that they could manage that surge.

Biden went on to say that there was “no excuse” for Americans who continued to refuse the vaccine — and suggested that parents whose children were too young to receive the vaccine should only surround themselves with people who had been vaccinated.

Biden concluded by saying that the data had not suggested the Omicron variant was any worse for children than any of the previous variants had been.

Many reporters noted that as Biden ended the briefing, he declined to take any questions from the press.

“The president declined to answer questions from the small number of journalists observing his remarks on COVID. The questions could be heard,” one reporter posted on Twitter.

“Biden refused to take questions. Yesterday, Biden said he’d talk to the press ‘later’ but never did,” Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s communication director added.

Messaging from the federal government, and in turn the mainstream media, against unvaccinated Americans has turned down-right ugly — and is frankly a cause for concern.

History tells us that the very minute an entire government weaponizes its influence with the press and uses that influence to target one specific group of people, is the very moment massive crimes against humanity occur.

Still, never comply.

Author: Asa McCue