Bad News for Dems as Trump’s Approval Numbers Come out Post Whistleblower

Over the last two weeks, the liberal media has been pushing yet another Trump-related scandal.

Along with that comes an impeachment push by House Democrats. The news has been breathlessly reporting about Trump’s phone call with Ukraine and the possibility that he’d be impeached. But after all this, a few approval polls have come out. Democrats should just give up now.

We’ve discussed the implications of the House’s attempt to impeach the president. It’s possible that if every Democrat voted yes, Trump could be impeached. But that’s only one part of the story. It would then move to the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans. Even if they hold a trial, Trump will not be removed from office.

Democrats know this. Which is why they’re dragging out their “inquiry” for as long as possible. If they really had evidence that Trump did something wrong, they would have voted on articles of impeachment already. Instead they conduct hearings, dragging their feet, as they rely on the fakes news to spread more slander against Donald Trump.

That’s because the real purpose of all this is to damage Trump’s reputation enough, so he has no chance of winning 2020.

Despite their corruption, Democrats still need Americans to vote for them. Sure, they’d like a system where they didn’t need us. But if they want to win in 2020, they have to get plenty Americans to turn their backs on the one man making good on his promises in D.C.

So, how’s that shaping up? Surely after all the intense news coverage about Trump’s Ukrainian phone call, Americans would be ready to dump the guy.

Um… not quite.

As the Ukraine Hoax begins to unravel, President Trump’s job approval rating has jumped to its highest level of the year.

The latest polling from Hill-HarrisX shows that Trump now enjoys a solid 49 percent job approval rating with registered voters. This is a two-point jump since September 11-12 in this same poll.

The president’s disapproval rating also dropped to 51 percent, a two-point drop and Trump’s lowest disapproval number of the year…

What’s more, the numbers backing Trump’s impeachment might have climbed over the past two weeks, but they have not hit 50 percent and are nowhere near where they need to be to remove a president. [Source: Breitbart]

Another poll has his approval and disapproval numbers pretty steady. Sure, polls are easily manipulated by those who conducted them. But considering how high his approval is—after all this impeachment talk—Democrats need to take notice.

Everything they are trying to do to hurt Trump is failing. They crafted a scheme to frame Trump for coercing Ukraine to attack Joe Biden. We now know Democrats spoke with the whistleblower ahead of time, proof they coordinated all of this.

But they didn’t count on Trump releasing the transcript of the call so quickly. The transcript shattered every last claim the whistleblower made. Trump never made a quid pro quo, he didn’t threaten Ukraine, and he didn’t demand they dig up dirt on Trump.

Democrats needed their slander to stick. But Trump was one step ahead of them, dashing their entire false argument. All the hearings and inquiries in the world won’t reverse this doomed ship. The only thing they had left was the fake news making enough noise to hurt Trump’s re-election campaign.

We know that hasn’t worked. Trump raised millions after Pelosi backed impeachment. And even nationwide approval polls show him steady; his disapproval numbers are dropping, too.

Americans are watching this charade unfold and they’re getting upset. Not at Trump, but at the Democrats. They are outraged that the left continues their pathetic, unjust impeachment push. Americans can see Trump did nothing wrong. Moreover, they see an entire party trying to stop the president from doing his job.

Considering the polls, you’d think Democrats would just drop this before they do real damage to their party.

But, knowing them, they’ll push it until they have nothing left.

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