Bad News for Bernie, His Supporters Might Revolt

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2020 appeared like another chance for “Democratic Socialist” Bernie Sanders to enter the White House. Early in 2019, he was the clear Democratic frontrunner. But things aren’t looking so good these days. And his supporters fear a repeat of 2016. Unwilling to lose, they make a threat to the entire party.

Aw, poor Uncle Bernie. Seems like this socialist can’t catch a break. In 2016, it looked like the man who wants to bankrupt this country really had a chance. His promise of free college tuition got him support–among college students who didn’t want to pay their bills.

With promises of other free, government-provided stuff, it looked like Bernie was going to clinch the nomination (at least to some people). But, big surprise, the Democratic Party instead went with the establishment politician–who happened to have already taken over a year before.

Bernie supporters were outraged that Hillary Clinton conned her way into the nomination. Many of them believed that, had Bernie been nominated, he could have easily beaten Donald Trump (sure, keep dreaming).

But their new hopes that Bernie Sanders would save America by taking the White House from Donald Trump have already been dashed. After enjoying a big lead in the polls earlier in the year, things aren’t looking too good. History seems to be repeating itself, as the establishment politician is running away with support. And Bernie’s fans aren’t happy about it.

Some supporters of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders say they are seeing a repeat of the Democratic National Committee’s 2016 treatment of their candidate, according to a report.

These Sanders supporters claim the DNC leadership is giving preferential treatment to 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden, after the former vice president’s surge in the polls, just as they did Hillary Clinton three years ago, the Washington Times reported.

The supporters of Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont, say they mistrust polls showing Biden holding a commanding lead over the 23-candidate Democratic field, and some say they may stage another revolt at the party’s 2020 national convention in Milwaukee, just as they did in Philadelphia in 2016, if Biden gets the nomination…

“The mainstream media and the DNC are colluding against the American people,” she said. “That’s what it feels like. It’s the same thing all over again.” [Source: Fox News]

You’ll have to forgive me if I’m not sympathetic over Bernie’s supporters. These people represent the most left-wing of the left-wingers. These are the people who make up the Occupy movement, who curse out ICE agents for doing their job, who believe in government-funded paychecks instead of getting a job.

Bernie Sanders attracts the very worst kind of supporters: leftists who love Karl Marx more than George Washington. Leftists who want to smash capitalism and replace it with poverty-creating socialism.

Imagine my surprise when I discover that the Democratic Party is instead going with the safer choice, the former Vice President to Barack Obama. As bad of a leader as Joe Biden is, I’m willing to bet more Democrats feel better about supporting him than a man who wants Medicare for All–with its $32 trillion price tag.

But any Democratic candidate is going to have a hard time running against Trump. The president has proven his pro-America, pro-capitalism polices work. Big time. The economy is roaring like never before. We are dominating in almost every sector. There are more jobs available than people looking for work!

Any Democrat running will want to drag us back into the Dark Ages, when high taxes crippled our economy and government handouts slowed progress.

Joe Biden would do that. And you better believe good old Uncle Bernie will hit us with taxes and regulations so severe, that nobody would be able to earn an honest living.

But typical Bernie Sanders supporters don’t understand that. They want all the free stuff Bernie promised them, like tuition, healthcare, universal pay, and more. They don’t understand all that stuff has to be paid by someone. Someone, meaning the American taxpayer. And most voters won’t stand for that.

Perhaps Bernie’s bros should look for another candidate to back.

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