Bad News for Bernie–He Loses Restaurants Vote After Infamous Visit

Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders wants you to think he should be the next president. In fact, he’s bending over backward—making outrageous promises—hoping to win over enough voters. But does this man have what it takes to connect with regular people? I think not. A popular restaurant owner in San Francisco said Bernie lost his vote after how he behaved at his establishment.

Right now, far too many Democrats are jockeying for the nomination. I guess someone told them it will be easy to beat the one man making America great again. Huh, either liberal campaign strategists are stupid or they are leading the left off a cliff.

Once again, Sanders jumped into the ring. But it doesn’t seem like he’s having the same kind of success he enjoyed in 2016—when he was beaten by Hillary Clinton. Back then, he won the hearts of many empty-headed colleges students when he promised free tuition. Imagine that! Students like the idea of not having to pay for things!

This election, although he’s polling near the top, he has a few contenders that might take the spot. Joe Biden and (of all people) Elizabeth Warren are often ahead of him, depending on the poll you look at. It would be very important for Sanders to do his best to win over voters. He needs to show America that he is superior to all the other candidates—including Trump.

The last thing he should do is appear in public and make a spectacle—oh wait, he just did. Ouch.

The owner of a San Francisco restaurant famous for hosting politicians claimed Sen. Bernie Sanders lost his vote in the 2020 presidential election after the Vermont Democrat was “rude and cranky” to his servers, a report said.

John Konstin, who owns the 111-year-old John’s Grill, told Politico many Democrats dined at his bistro while the Democratic National Committee was in town for a three-day event over the weekend. Sanders arrived for dinner with about 15 members of his campaign team and was not nice to any of the staff and didn’t want to shake hands or have his picture taken, he added.

“It was all very nice, except for cranky Bernie,” Konstin told Politico. “I think he was just hungry and didn’t want to be a politician. He lost my vote.” [Source: Fox News]

Wow. According to reports, Konstin would never just say something ill of his customers. For him to openly condemn Sanders and say “he lost my vote,” Sanders had to be very rude. Reports say he must have been in a “terrible mood.”

Not great, Bernie! You’re supposed to be winning over Americans. Most of the Democratic candidates are struggling to stand out and make an impression. The rest are making the wrong kind of impression. Some have spoken Spanish during debates (I mean, really?). Others have posted awkward videos of themselves (like O’Rourke and Warren). And Joe Biden makes so many gaffes, you have to wonder where his mind’s at.

Sanders, you can’t blow your chances by being rude and grumpy at a restaurant. Did you forget you’re running for president? This wasn’t a quick stop for a cheeseburger. You were at a place known for hosting political candidates. You brought a posse of 15 people. Obviously, eyes were on you, to see how you would perform.

I get it, you’re old. Running for president is tiring work. But you can’t appear in public and act like an ass. You just lost Konstin’s vote—and probably many more.

You also have to wonder about one thing: if this is how Sanders acts during the campaign, how would he act as president? Will he be rude and cranky while meeting with foreign leaders? Will he insult our allies because he didn’t have a good night’s rest? Will he not be fit to make decisions at 3 AM, during a crisis?

Those are all pretty important questions to ask. Sanders wants us to make him Leader of the Free World. But he can’t muster kindness to servers at a restaurant.

You know who wouldn’t act like a jerk at a restaurant? Donald Trump. Just saying.

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