As the Impeachment Push Crumbles Democrats Are Starting to Panic

The Democratic Party has staked its future on impeaching Donald Trump.

Bad move, hombres.

The full transcript of the “infamous” Ukraine call came out. The whistleblower complaint is soon to be released. None of it provides evidence that Trump did anything wrong. Online, Democrats are still demanding his head. Behind closed doors, though, the left is sweating bullets!

Boy, they really stepped in it this time. Democrats have been looking for a reason to impeach Trump since he entered office. Sad, really. They should have been smart enough to realize how popular a president he was. If they did that, they could have spent the last two years making America great again.

Instead, they relied on the fake news to smear Trump as much as they could. Hoping that they could turn America against him. Then it would have been easy to remove him from office.

They were wrong about two things. First, that Trump’s millions of supporters would abandon him. And two, that there was anything they could use to impeach him.

Today, they are standing their ground online, claiming the infamous phone call with Ukraine proves all their wild claims. But secretly, the truth is coming out. Democrats on Capitol Hill know they are fighting a losing battle. And pushing impeachment will clinch 2020 for Trump and the GOP.

Several aides to top Democrats on Capitol Hill expressed hesitation and concern over the party’s decision to pull the trigger on impeachment. One senior Democrat congressional aide called the impeachment effort “a joke” and “all bullshit”… “

If you’re going to take a shot at the king, you best not miss,” one House Democrat leadership aide told Breitbart News. “And we do not have a pathway to win without 20 GOP votes in the Senate. We are nowhere near that, not even close.”…

Even Sean Bagniewski, chairman of Iowa’s Polk County Democrats, signaled that Iowans at the Polk County Steak Fry did not have an appetite for impeachment…

“It’s a national spectacle that will make people defend the presidency or tune out, which is worse,” said Hank Sheinkopf, a longtime Democratic strategist based in New York. “The incessant banging about it doesn’t help. Stick with issues that work.”…

Even presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) went against the outspoken cries from her party, admitting that the transcript does not demonstrate a “compelling case” for impeachment. [Source: Breitbart]

Even before they get the ball rolling, Democrats admit the game is over. This isn’t the first time Democrats have hyped something up as a smoking gun to destroy Trump, only to be humiliated. Remember when Comey was going to testify before Congress? Probably not. But every last swamp dweller in D.C. took the day off to drink and celebrating the “end” of Trump’s administration.

But Comey only threw himself, Obama, Clinton, and others under the bus. He had nothing on Trump.

This Ukraine phone call hype has resulted in one big thing for Trump: cold hard cash. According to reports, Trump and the GOP raised a whopping $5 MILLION dollars over this news. In just one day.

That proves Americans are outraged that Democrats would push impeachment over an innocent phone call. It once again reveals the left as petty, ugly, partisan hacks—who would damage our country just to satisfy their hatred for Trump.

Long term, who knows what kind of damage this will do to our government and democracy? How can we trust the House—when they waste time with pointless impeachment inquiries instead of helping Americans?

Democrats begged voters to give them back the House in 2018. What have they done to help those people? Hmm… let me see… nothing! They’ve done nothing over this last year but punish Americans for wanting a better future.

Come 2020, we’re all going to remember. We are going to give the House a GOP majority. Trump is going to have greater influence to turn this country around. Whatever is left of the Democratic Party will only be able to sit and watch. But hey, it will be their fault they lose. So I’m not sad about it.

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