As States Scrambling to Lower Gas Prices–Dems Mull Raising Taxes on Gas Companies

The left really doesn’t get it, does it? Joe Biden passed measures that radically increased the price of gasoline. The average American is struggling to put fuel in the car, especially those who rely on driving for their jobs. Yet what is the White House doing to fix the problem? Um… let me check… oh, nothing, absolutely nothing. In fact, Creepy Joe and his horde of liars are blaming everyone but themselves for this crisis.

Biden has spent plenty of time blaming Putin for rising gas prices. Except, this problem has been going on for most of 2021 and into this year. Clearly, Americans are not buying that. So, the Democrats have pivoted once again, using a tired excuse that hasn’t worked with inflation. Corporate greed. Yes, gas prices are rising, not because of Biden’s anti-energy regulations, but greedy companies.

Things are getting so bad, Maryland and Georgia are trying to cancel state gas taxes, just to lower the prices a little bit. What is the White House considering? Raising taxes on gas companies. Riiiiight.

President Joe Biden’s team and the gang on Capitol Hill are reportedly considering more stimulus checks, raising gas taxes on oil companies to fund means-based assistance, and rescinding federal oil leases to companies who do not use them to tackle the problem of high gasoline prices.

An in-depth look at the proposed plans, alongside common sense, would lead one to believe that the White House’s plans, serious or otherwise, would cause more inflation and higher gas prices…

As for gasoline, as explained by Katie Tubb, senior policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation’s Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies, Biden has done “worse than nothing” on the matter. He has actively discouraged investment in the industry and enacted policies that drive up cost. [Source: Daily Wire]

You read that right. Biden’s attempts at lowering gas prices would increase inflation and hit oil companies with new taxes. Do I need to explain that both of these things will directly increase the price of gasoline? If companies are hit with new taxes, they are forced to raise prices to offset the new burden. And giving out more stimulus checks would flood the economy with more new money, thus lowering the value of the dollar.

(Psst! That’s called INFLATION.)

Nothing Biden wants to do makes any sense. Perhaps that’s because he’s senile and his staff is made up of political appointees with no experience leading a country. On top of that, Biden refuses to remove his policies that triggered this crisis in the first place, because he’s blindly devoted to the radical left. Only these progressives want to cripple the oil industry, in the name of “saving” the earth.

But regular Americans, liberal or conservative, are in no way interested in bankrupting the country in the name of environmental extremism. Biden’s agenda is destroying his administration and dooming his party.

I mean, at this point, they have to be thinking about impeaching him themselves, right?

Author: Bo Dogan