As Homelessness Crisis Grows, California Vows To Make It Worse

If you’ve spent any time along the West Coast in recent years, you’ll notice a few things. That gasoline is criminally expensive, rainbow flags have replaced the American flag, and that there are homeless shanty towns everywhere.

Democrats who run West Coast states have passed rules that contribute to a growing homeless crisis. They have turned desirable, prosperous cities into what can only be called trash heaps. But the worst of them all has to be Los Angeles.

The city that was once considered the most glamourous in the world is now worse than a third world country. Downtown has been completely taken over by homeless, their filthy tents and trash blocking entire city streets. Businesses have long suffered, even before COVID, because of the sea of homeless. Parks and other public places have essentially become hotels for the mentally ill, drug addicts, and other dangerous characters.

Anyone with half a brain knows that something must be done. So, the city council just passed a new ordinance aimed at dealing with the problem. Does it restore the police’s power to remove these people from the streets? Of course not. From all appearances, it will make things worse.

According to the Times, “Backers of the ordinance said it would restore access to public spaces in a way that is compassionate, limiting the involvement of law enforcement and labeling most violations as infractions that would result in fines, not jail time.”…

On Wednesday, Sheriff Villanueva mocked the proposal during an Instagram Live broadcast.

“We’ve seen ten years of people complying voluntarily,” he said. “How is that working out for you?”

Villanueva pointed out that the ordinance called for “a trauma-informed approach” that requires “a Street Engagement Strategy.” He read passages from an L.A. Times article that reported, “the proposal would eliminate language prohibiting people from sitting, sleeping or lying on a public sidewalk if they have already been offered shelter.” [Source: Daily Wire]

While the city is trying to sell this new ordinance as a “compassionate” way of clearing the homeless from the streets, it actually will do little to fix the problem. It seems police will continue to have their hands tied. Those violating the law will be asked to voluntarily leave. Except, that is the very same arrangement that exists right now.

You can’t expect homeless people, who more often than not suffer from mental illness, to be able to abide by the law. They are not exactly in a state where they can process these kinds of rules. And if they are asked to leave, where will they go? Without law enforcement requiring them to clear off public space, homeless will stay indefinitely.

Do you know what works? Actually, enforcing the law. Cities that allow police to remove homeless actually see the situation improve. Homeless people are compelled to seek shelter, hopefully at an organization that can help them. By eliminating the option to live forever on the street, a city can encourage homeless to seek rehabilitation.

Instead, Los Angeles is rewarding people for staying homeless, sick, and addicted. The city council is doing nothing to urge these people to put their lives back together. And they are insulting the police, the one group dedicated to helping all citizens.

How is that compassionate?

Author: Matthew Graham