As Governor Tightens Lockdowns – The First County Fights Back

Protests over states’ lockdown measures are growing. Concerns over the virus fade as more and more Americans demand to go back to work. Many governors have seen the light and are fading out their shutdown orders. But in the Socialist Republic of California, the governor has only tightened restrictions. So, the first county announced it is rebelling.

Back in March, it almost seemed justifiable to lock down America to hide from COVID-19. Plenty of people were against those measures (including yours truly), but fear and panic seemed to be determining policy over facts and common sense. Jump ahead another month and Americans are sick and tired of this abuse. We demand to go back to work, virus be damned.

A county in CA is fighting back, openly defying the governor’s order.

At least one California county says it can no longer afford to abide by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s shelter-in-place response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Officials in Modoc County, in the far northeast corner of the state, say it’s one of five Golden State counties with no confirmed cases of the virus – and the local economy has been hurting.

So beginning Friday, Modoc officials plan to reopen their county of 9,000 people, according to reports. The county’s board of supervisors signed a resolution to that effect Tuesday, reported. [Source: Fox News]

It’s clear that states that refuse to roll back restrictions aren’t doing it out of fear of the virus. Even in New York, the epicenter of the crisis, hospitalizations are plummeting. Deaths are in rapid decline. We have a wealth of data to know that the disease was only a real threat to the elderly, who died from preexisting conditions, not the virus.

Yet many liberals want us to continue the lockdowns until Kingdom Come. They refuse to acknowledge they were wrong to shut down their states. But many suspect they are dragging out this crisis, to demand money from the federal government.

First, they wanted cash in order to “battle” the disease. But even the resources provided by the government weren’t needed. The mobile hospitals weren’t used. Ventilators were never in short supplies. And workers have all the PPE they need.

Now, it seems states are dragging out lockdowns to cripple their economies, on purpose. Why? It’s another pathetic ploy to demand money from the government. After all, if CA, NY, or MI can’t get back to work in June, they can say they need billions from D.C. to “reopen.” Democrats love spending other people’s money. And it’s obvious that they consider this crisis as the big cash cow they’ve been dreaming for.

But Modoc County is saying what we all know to be true. The virus wasn’t the end of the world. This county has had zero cases. Why should they be treated the same as Los Angeles or San Francisco? Even in big cities, you can expect residents to exercise measures to stay safe. How much more in a county of only 9,000 people?

If you think this will be the last rebellion, think again. Americans are demanding to go back to work. We are seeing unrest rippling across the entire country. As liberal sheep choose to hide in their homes, real Americans are eager to get back to work. We can’t sit back and let our country crumble into ruin over nothing. Modoc County might be the first of many counties on the West Coast defying orders and returning to normal.

Expect to see more of than in states with strict, unreasonable measures. Protests and lawsuits are just the beginning. Americans will just start going out and doing what they want (we’ve seen that happen already, again and again). Civil disobedience will not just become common place, but a necessity.

But even then, it might only take a presidential executive order reopen the country entirely.

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