As Dems Celebrate Impeachment ‘Victory’ Trump Ends Year with Big Wins

House Democrats spent most of the fall and early winter impeaching Donald Trump. They are so proud of their feat, they refuse to send the articles to the Senate. That’s just fine, because the Senate is busy fulfilling one of Donald Trump’s biggest roles as president.

He now just reached a major milestone.

I’m not sure what Democrats hoped to accomplished with their impeachment farce. The fact that Pelosi is delaying sending the articles to the Senate for a trial proves they never had the upper hand. Not allowing the Senate to do their part of the process shows how little Democrats are confident impeachment would work.

Since impeachment, House Democrats already handed Trump a victory in voting for the USCMA deal This trade deal gets rid of poisonous NAFTA and it was entirely achieved by Trump and his negotiators. By voting on it and sending it to the Senate, Democrats in the House are admitting they support at least a part of Trump’s agenda.

Now, they are sitting on their impeachment scheme because they know a fair trial in the Senate will only help Trump. But that’s okay, because while House Democrats are playing games, Republican Senators are helping Trump make history.

The Washington Post reports that a staggering 25% of circuit court judges — one in four people on the bench — are now Trump appointees, cementing the President’s legacy, and making good on one of Trump’s top campaign promises.

“Altogether,” the outlet continues, “187 Trump-nominated federal judges have been confirmed by the Senate — outpacing the 169 new judges named by George W. Bush and the 166 brought on board by Bill Clinton in their first three years.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Thanks to Mitch McConnell and his Republican majority, the Senate is confirming Trump’s judicial picks at a record pace. We’ve talked about why this is so important before, but let’s go over it again.

These judges serve on important federal courts, including the powerful appeals courts that decide more cases than the Supreme Court (cases, by the way, that often affect the entire country). All these judges are strong, conservative, Constitutionalists. And they will serve their entire lives.

When Trump entered office, nine of the country’s thirteen circuit courts were controlled by Democrats. Now, seven of them have Republican majorities. Trump has set the record of appointments with 187 in his first three years.

Imagine how many more he’ll appoint by the end of his second term?

Donald Trump has whittled the infamous Ninth Circuit Court’s far-left majority from 11, down to three. It won’t be long until Trump gives this San Francisco-based liberal court a conservative majority. That means Democrats will lose a major scheme in forcing progressive goals onto the country: abusing the courts.

Trump targeted the Ninth Circuit, specifically, for change, and to that end, he’s succeeded dramatically. With just a few more years in office, Trump could, conceivably, flip the Ninth altogether, leaving Democrats without a reliable Federal Circuit court. [Source: Daily Wire]

These courts decide cases that affect our Constitutional rights, specifically freedom of speech and religion. In recent years, federal courts have ruled on cases related to Christian businesses, gun rights, and more. In the past, many federal courts were overwhelming liberal, leading to the acceptance of far-left policies in our country.

That’s all over, thanks to Trump.

We all know Trump landed two new justices on the Supreme Court, giving it a conservative majority in years. You might also remember how vicious the fight was to get Trump’s second pick on the court. Democrats pulled a dirty, ugly scheme to smear the name of a good man.

Their impeachment scheme is no different. They are seeing how Trump is transforming this country, in numerous ways. From executive orders to trade deals to new laws and to the courts, Trump is achieving one victory after another.

This country has already radically changed since 2016 (for the better). Imagine what it will be like in a few more years?

The left just can’t handle it. But there’s nothing they can do about it.

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