As Biden Approval Plunges–He Loses Support in Must-Need Demo

Do we sound like a broken record if we tell you Joe Biden’s approval remains in the gutter? Even a controversial president like George Bush got a boost during times of war. But even with a golden opportunity to prove to voters—and the world—that he can lead, Joe Biden can’t even get that right. As you read this, Russian forces continue to attack Ukraine. Americans probably expected Biden to confront the power-hungry Putin with swift retaliation. Instead, Biden fumbles again and again.

Are we surprised that his approval is lower than ever?

The majority of adults in the United States disapprove of President Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress as the president is seeing his weakest job approval from the Washington Post/ABC News poll…

The poll, which was released only days before Biden is giving the State of the Union, showed only 37 percent of adults in the U.S. approve of the way the president is handling his job — a new low from a Washington Post/ABC News poll — while a majority (55 percent) say they disapprove. [Source: Breitbart]

It’s pretty undeniable at this point just how badly Biden is doing. Even the braindead people in his party have to see the light. Still, Biden and his Democrats refuse to do what is necessary to fix the many crises he’s created (i.e.: reverse his terrible decisions). Perhaps they’ll finally wake up when the reality of this news hits them: Biden is losing tremendous ground with black voters.

A new report from Pew Research shows that the sharpest drop in approval for President Joe Biden is among the Democratic Party’s most loyal and consistent supporters — Black protestants.

In March 2021, shortly after he took office, Biden’s support among Black protestants stood at 92%. By January 2022, this was down to 65%, a drop of 27 points. [Source: Daily Wire]

Biden has lost the support of 27% of black voters. It was a predictable 92% last year. Now, it is at a dismal 65%. He lost over 25% support in less than twelve months. That doesn’t happen for a Democratic politician. Black voters have been supporting Democrats for generations. They turn on any black Americans who vote for Republicans, ensuring that few black folks leave the leftist plantation. Yet Biden is doing such a bad job, that black people are abandoning ship.

I’m not sure why they supported him in the first place. This was a man who showed contempt for anyone different than him. Who said black Americans “ain’t black” if they supported Trump. And yet, they still en masse voted for him, because he was a Democrat. Yet only now, are some of them walking up and seeing that Biden’s constant bowing to the radical left has destroyed black Americans’ chances at success.

But don’t be fooled. Democrats will try to pull as many dirty tricks to keep black and other minority voters tricked into staying in their party. Things will have to take a much worse turn before most black voters realize that Biden is not their friend. Sadly, that just might happen in the coming months.

Author: Bo Dogan