Arrivederci Cuomo: Predatorial Governor’s Days Are Finally Through


On Tuesday, embattled Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation during a press conference in Albany. His decision to step down comes after 11 women accused Cuomo of inappropriate touching, grabbing, kissing, and vulgar speech in the workplace. The accusations against the leading Italian American Democrat caused a stir amongst his party cohorts, many of whom advised Cuomo to step down, including his pal Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, families in New York are still reeling from Cuomo’s pandemic-era order in which he forced nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients. This order caused thousands of senior citizens to prematurely lose their lives. Joe Biden, the Democrats, nor the Mainstream Media have mentioned this or cited it as a reason fro Cuomo’s resignation.

Andrew Cuomo is currently under criminal investigation for at least once case of sexual assault.

In a midday press conference, Cuomo repeated his defense that he did not intend to offend anyone with his behavior before announcing that he would step aside, effective in 14 days.

Before officially resigning, Cuomo spent the first 10 minutes giving his version of the sexual harassment allegations. He said he “deeply, deeply” apologized for offending the women, but said they misconstrued his actions.

“In my mind, I’ve never crossed the line with anyone. But I didn’t realize the extent to which the line has been redrawn.”

The governor actually has a point in some regard. The current line of acceptable interpersonal behavior has seen a major shift in recent years as critical thinking decreases and sensitivity increases. A simple kiss on the cheek can be deemed inappropriate by women in certain feminist circles, forcing men to castrate themselves while women are allowed to exist in a world of hysteria consequence-free.

A more appropriate reason for Cuomo’s resignation — and eventual imprisonment — would have been his tragic order that resulted in the untimely death of entire communities of senior citizens.

However, the furor over the sexual harassment allegations largely obscured the other scandal that’s threatened Cuomo’s gubernatorial grip — his office’s order that forced New York nursing homes to take patients who were positive for the COVID-19 virus.

The governor’s office significantly downplayed and sought to keep quiet the thousands of deaths that resulted after the order and those allegations have dogged Cuomo even before the sex harassment scandal enveloped his administration.

Cuomo was initially praised in the mainstream media for his opposition to former President Donald Trump and his management of New York’s pandemic response. He won an Emmy for his daily news conferences updating the public on the coronavirus and also wrote a book about leadership, drawing on his experiences during the pandemic. He was also floated as a potential future Democrat presidential candidate and was believed to be under consideration to be President Joe Biden’s attorney general, a post that eventually went to Merrick Garland.

Now the media hacks who once praised the Governor are working overtime to distance themselves from him.

Cuomo’s top aide, Melissa DeRosa, even resigned late Sunday in the latest defection from the three-term governor’s shrinking team. DeRosa is known to be Cuomo’s main enabler, and has apparently been the main driver behind Cuomo’s political agenda.

Still, Cuomo has largely denied the charges leveled against him by a series of women, most of whom were former aides. But he acknowledged during an apologetic press conference in March and in a more defiant early August statement that some of the interactions may not have been perceived as he’d intended them.

There’s no telling what Cuomo’s political future holds. A gut reaction combined with a working knowledge of how the Democrats operate, tell us that after a period of “reflection, acknowledgment, and accountability” the Liberal Media and their Democrat cohorts will gladly welcome Cuomo back with open arms.

Author: Asa McCue