Approval Ratings Prove Who Really Won The Debate

This week’s presidential debate was marked with criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike. Many called it a “mess,” taking shots at Trump, Biden, and even Wallace the moderator. But it seems the so-called experts’ opinions aren’t jiving with what real Americans think. Because the first approval poll has come out, giving Trump some good news.

Plenty of people shared their opinions on the first presidential debate of the 2020 Election. Most people seemed disappointed. I guess they had different expectations for what they ended up with. Sorry to break it to the conservatives who called it a “mess,” but this wasn’t supposed to be some kind of entertainment for you.

Trump is going to war against Democrats, Sleepy Joe Biden, and a corrupt D.C. establishment that wants to drag us back into the Dark Ages. He isn’t interested in being fun or entertaining, or putting up with Biden or Wallace’s crap. It seems the only pundit who understood what was going on was Dan Bongino, who explain Trump’s strategy quite well.

Trump’s in a street fight, taking the heat to Biden—a man who thinks he can trick both radical leftists and moderates into voting for him. Trump was able to get Biden to turn on his leftist base by getting him to attack Bernie Sanders and the “Green New Deal.” Despite the fact that Biden has been embracing the far left for months.

The debate wasn’t about winning anyone over—Trump already has his supporters—it was about forcing Democrats to see what Joe was really like: a two-faced coward.

But what did Americans think of the debate? Turns out, they were pleased with what Trump accomplished.

We have the first poling that includes some post-debate data, and it’s good news for President Donald Trump.

According to Rasmussen, after including one night of post-debate polling in its five-day rolling average, Trump’s job approval rating climbed from 46 to 49 percent, while his job disapproval number dropped from 53 to 51 percent.

That is a six-point shift in Trump’s direction. [Source: Breitbart]

That’s not the only positive poll coming off of the debate. Telemundo, of all channels, polls their viewers right after the debate. A whopping 66% of them, all Spanish-speaking, said Trump won.

How can this be? All the “pundits” and “experts” claimed it was a terrible debate. Trump and Biden just shouted and interrupted each other. Wallace appeared biased for the Democrat. No real policy was discussed.

Once again, we are seeing a huge gap between what the establishment is trying to tell us and what real Americans are thinking. Most mainstream media polls have Biden leading or in a close race with Trump. Yet the turnout for Trump rallies is massive. Joe Biden can’t even bring out a dozen reporters, let alone a crowd of supporters.

It shouldn’t be a shock to see that Americans approved of how Trump handled Joe’s dishonest tactics and Wallace’s double standard. We elected Trump to fight, after all, and that’s just what he’s doing.

Gone are the days of a Republican candidate just standing there, looking “presidential” as Democrats smear, slander, and spew their garbage. Trump has worked too hard to let China Joe drag us back into the Dark Ages, where globalists called the shots.

You know the policy agenda. You know the difference between each candidate. This election isn’t about winning over “undecided” voters, but revealing to Democrats just how far their leaders have fallen.

Buckle up kids, because it’s only going to get more intense from here on out.

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