AOC’s Dressmaker Gets a Big Dose Of Karma – Straight From The IRS

Do the liberal elite believe in anything they say? Because time and again, they betray the very “values” they claim to uphold. Lawmakers break the very laws they write. So-called advocates for women are caught ignoring or even hurting female victims.

Then there is, of course, this modern movement of Democratic socialists. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was reamed for attending a super-elite Met Gala, despite the ongoing claims she wants to impose rich-punishing policies onto the country. Americans gagged when they saw this hypocrite strutting around at the $35,000 per ticket event.

Yet she thought she was being righteous, for wearing a dress that said “Tax the Rich.”

But even that pathetic little nod to her bogus movement was a scam. Because, as it turns out, the woman who designed the dress hasn’t paid her taxes.

The designer of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Tax the Rich” gown for the recent Met Gala reportedly has her own tax issues, including owing thousands on a $1.6 million home she recently purchased in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills.

Designer Aurora James bought the home in September 2020, but the property is already listed as “delinquent” by the Los Angeles County assessor’s office. The office told The New York Post, which this past weekend reported on James’ tax issues, the designer owed $2,504 in property taxes…

Most of the tax issues for the 37-year-old designer are related to Cultural Brokerage Agency, an LLC she formed in 2011 to serve as the parent company of her fashion brand, now known as Brother Vellies. [Source: Just the News]

In addition to not paying taxes on her million-dollar home, James’ company has three open tax warrants from New York State. Apparently, they refused to withhold taxes from employee paychecks. Since 2015, the company has been hit with 15 warrants. That’s quite a bit of tax avoidance.

Again and again, this designer’s company has refused to pay its “fair share” of taxes. Yet we are supposed to applaud when James designed a dress for AOC that says “Tax the Rich”?

Everything these hypocrites do is empty lip service. AOC is no socialist. She is a phony that will say anything to appear on TV. She conned her way into Congress through worthless promises. She’s not a leader for the common man (what socialists claim to be), she is just another career politician out for her own prestige and glory.

The very people she is “targeting” don’t pay their taxes. Explain to me how a company can be delinquent for over five years and not be shut down? If a regular citizen was that negligent, they would probably end up in jail. But AOC’s designer has not paid taxes on her home. Something tells me she won’t be evicted and lose the property.

The rich and powerful look out for each other. The last thing they do is concern themselves with the rest of us. That dress is as pointless and shallow as the woman who wore it and designed it.

Author: Peter Anderson