AOC Posts Bizarre Rant About the Border–Ted Cruz Sets Her Straight

During the Trump administration, Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a big deal about the border. At one point, she even showed up at a border detention facility to “weep” in front of a fence, just for a photo op. You’d assume the leftist cared very much for securing our border and ensuring migrants were treated fairly.

Not quite. The border had deteriorated rapidly under Joe Biden. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have bombarded our border, demanding entrance. The administration has no clue what to do with them, so they are being crammed into facilities too small to accommodate them. It has become a national security and humanitarian crisis—one Biden continues to ignore.

You’d think AOC would be even more outraged as she was during Trump’s administration, right? Eh, no. She has been silent for a while, until recently, when she blamed the crisis on everything under the Sun—except her party’s policies.

“Well, we’re talking about it. They just don’t like how we’re talking about it because it’s not a border crisis, it’s an imperialism crisis. It’s a climate crisis. It’s a trade crisis. And also, it’s a carceral crisis because as I have already said even during this term and this president, our immigration system is based and designed on our carceral system,” she continued. [Source: Daily Wire]

Boy, the woman is an idiot. Or she’s just so much of a pathological liar, she can’t even keep her narratives straight.

It’s very clear the crisis at the border is the result of Joe Biden dropping all of Trump’s immigration policies. Biden’s team had no plan on how to handle the massive influx of aliens that would rush the border. But AOC seems to think this is the fault of “imperialism” and “climate change.”

How is climate change to blame for illegal aliens being told by activists in Guatemala that Joe Biden would let them into America? What does imperialism—something that hasn’t been a global factor in a century—to blame for Joe Biden refusing to defend our border?

Clearly, AOC is full of hot air. And Sen. Ted Cruz called her out on it.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) blasted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Wednesday for her Instagram story in which she suggested some people concerned about the border crisis are engaging in “white supremacist” thinking.

“Every word of this is false,” Cruz tweeted in reply to Ocasio-Cortez’s video. “It IS a #BidenBorderCrisis. It’s a humanitarian crisis. It’s a health crisis. It’s a national security crisis. And Dems are desperately trying to COVER IT UP. They’re #Gaslighting you.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Cruz ripped the mask off of AOC’s pathetic and inaccurate rant. He accused the socialist of trying to “gaslight” Americans, disguising what is really going on so we’d believe nothing is wrong. He set the record straight by describing the crisis as humanitarian, health (because of COVID), and national security-related.

The senator has a right to comment, seeing as how he actually went to the border to investigate. He’s seen first hand the deplorable conditions of detention centers—and the rising threat from cartels.

It’s unlikely AOC will bother to respond to Cruz’s rebuttal. If she does, it won’t be with facts and common sense. She will dodge Cruz’s allegations to spread more of her idiocy and nonsense.

Raising the question once again: why is she even in public office?

Author: Jackson Mansfield

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