AOC Attacks Vice President Pence – She Quickly Regrets It

Millennial socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a reputation for picking fights she can’t win. The Democrat thinks that by virtue signaling online, she can get away with saying anything. But she picked the wrong fight when he called the vice president “anti-science.” Republican Ted Cruz stumped her… by asking a few basic questions.

Has there ever been a more pathetic Democrat than AOC? Maybe Hillary Clinton in 2016 (after losing so tremendously). AOC has only been in office for a year, but already she’s torched her reputation.

You might remember how she got elected by promising to abolish ICE. Yeah, she hasn’t even tried to make that happen in Congress. Her biggest “achievement” was an environmental proposal called the Green New Deal. The idea was so laughable, both liberals and conservatives mocked it.

Even after that humiliation, AOC keeps pushing her bad ideas and refuses to change her ways.

But what can you expect from an uninformed, over-entitled Millennial who thinks it’s a good idea to ban air travel and give money to people who refuse to work?

Recently, she decided to call out Vice President Pence over the coronavirus story. She called the man “anti-science,” a common (and tired) attack from the left. Sen. Ted Cruz decided to point out that it’s Ms. Ocasio-Cortez that has a problem with scientific facts.

When President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that Vice President Mike Pence would be assisting in overseeing the response to the Coronavirus, far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) rifled off tweets ridiculing Pence for “literally” not believing “in science.”

Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz took issue with AOC’s “anti-science” smear, particularly over the elected Democrat’s views on things like sex, gender, and life. For example, AOC supports policies which suggest biological men who identify as women are female and living unborn humans are not living unborn humans. [Source: Daily Wire]

Ted Cruz dropped an atomic-sized gauntlet on AOC, one that she clearly was unwilling to answer. Little Ms. Socialist thought she could virtue signal by attacking the vice president. But, as usual, her attacks were based on fake news, not facts.

Cruz went on to expose the reality that AOC—and the modern left—are so anti-science, it would make Einstein weep.

He asked her some basic questions, which we know she can’t answer. He exposed the left’s “gender fluidity” views, which contradict basic biology (X and Y chromosomes). He exposed the left’s love of abortion, by asking her when unborn children feel pain (it’s as early as 20 weeks old).

Cruz then put the nail in the coffin by asking AOC, “Of the 195 countries on planet Earth, which country produced the greatest total reduction in CO2 emissions in 2019?” If you think it was communist Venezuela, you’d be wrong. It was America.

These are some basic questions that an ignorant, self-obsessed, unqualified Democrat like AOC can’t answer. Oh, you better believe she knows the answers to them, but she can’t admit them at all. Because the basic, unquestionable science behind these answers contradict her and her party’s radical platform.

AOC (along with Bernie Sanders and the rest of the 2020 candidates) pushed climate alarmism aimed at expanding government power. They deny basic science to embrace transgenderism among children. They want to increase the number of abortions conducted in the United States (on your dime). And they refuse to admit that, under capitalist Donald Trump, America is thriving while reducing pollution.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cannot admit those facts, because they would undermine her bogus platform. She only succeeds if Americans are ignorant and uninformed. Her and the rest of the Democratic Party want you to vote away your freedoms and economic liberty, in exchange for oppressive socialism, massive government expansion, and wealth flowing from your hands into theirs.

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