Anti-Trump Lawyer Will Never Show His Face In Public Again, See Why…

Over the last few years, we’ve heard about a thing called the “Trump curse.” Public figures have gone after Trump, criticizing him and spread the media’s false narratives. Only for these folks to go on and have very bad days (or weeks, months, years). It happened for LeBron James, who suffered some embarrassing loses after attacking Trump. It even happened to Judith Sheindlin, who after slamming Donald Trump, lost her long-running show Judge Judy.

These people aren’t being “punished” for criticizing the 45th president. They simply end up facing unrelated, seemingly coincidental, problems—consequences of their own egos, bad judgement, or outright fowl behavior. That certainly is the case for another anti-Trumper, lawyer Michael Avenatti.

This was the lawyer who represented Stormy Daniels. Even though her case fell apart under media scrutiny, her lawyer took it upon himself to wrongfully sue Trump—and lost. For a time, Avenatti was a media darling for his opposition to Trump. Some morons thought he was going to run for president.

Now, after being disgraced publicly several times, Avenatti is facing serious consequences for how he allegedly tried to extort Nike. Is the Trump curse coming after this man, too?

Prosecutors urged a judge Wednesday to impose a “very substantial” prison sentence on Michael Avenatti for trying to extort millions of dollars from Nike…

“The defendant, a prominent attorney and media personality with a large public following, betrayed his client and sought to enrich himself by weaponizing his public profile in an attempt to extort a publicly-traded company out of tens of millions of dollars. This was an egregious abuse of trust, and it warrants real and serious punishment,” prosecutors wrote.

The government said Avenatti, representing the director of a youth basketball program in Los Angeles, tried to force the apparel maker to pay him up to $25 million to keep him quiet about allegations of corruption involving Nike and college athletics. [Source: Breitbart]

Wow. Apparently Avenatti has been convicted of trying to extort $25 million from athletic company Nike. He warned them that he’d damage the company’s reputation by smearing them online. Lawyers prosecuting the case want nothing less than 8 years in prison.

His lawyers, instead, want an incredibly light sentence including 6 months in prison and just a year of home detention. Something tells me Avenatti’s not going to get that comfy sentence.

I guess this is the kind of thing that happens to people that wrongfully go after Trump. Avenatti tried to get famous for attacking the 45th president. He betrayed his own client to pursue charges that were quickly thrown out of court. Yet he didn’t mind soaking up as much publicity for himself as possible, to further his own career.

But his chickens came home to roost with this case. Imagine being so arrogant, so self-centered, that you thought you could extort money from a major corporation like this? Not only did he try to scam Nike out of millions, but he betrayed the trust of his own client—a young basketball program that had no desire to break the law.

Nike refused to pay Avenatti, so the lawyer carried out his threats. That only further proves his guilt and the fac that a harsh sentence is warranted. How will the judge proceed? We can’t say for now, but it won’t be great for this disgraced lawyer.

Author: Thomas Jones