Anti-Israel Democrats Sabotage Republican Efforts To Mend Fences

Once upon a time, not that long ago, it was not a controversial thing for America to support its allies. In fact, leaders from both parties were always quick to send aid to our closest nations. That included Israel, the only Jewish state in the world and the one true democracy in the Middle East.

Sadly, those days are long gone. At least for Democrats. In recent years, progressive socialists within their party have become increasingly outspoken in their hatred for Israel. Certain members of the House have frequently insulted our ally, making wild accusations against it. They even tried to put forward legislation that would have made America part of the vile BDS campaign—which tries to cripple Israel’s economy.

Two months ago, Israel was hammered by thousands of missiles fired by their enemies in Palestine. Only their Iron Done defense system saved them. But the program needs to be replenished, requiring aid from the United States.

Republicans, we’ll they are seeking $1 billion to make sure Israel is safe. Democrats? Once again, they have to deal with members who spew only hate.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) will introduce a bill on Thursday to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome missiles after reports from earlier this month indicated that Israel was set to request $1 billion from the Biden administration…

The move to fund Israel’s Iron Dome comes as Democrats have had to again deal with another anti-Semitic outburst from Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) this week.

Omar said during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper that she did not regret comparing the U.S. and Israel to terrorist organizations, and then she lashed out at Jewish lawmakers. [Source: Daily Wire]

Omar went on a rant, accusing Jewish lawmakers of not being “partners in justice” around the world. What the heck does that mean? Well, she is using the word “justice” to refer to the evil organizations that attack and harass Israel. Instead of calling them out for their ongoing violence, she accuses Israel, the U.S., and her Jewish colleagues of not doing enough to help these killers.

Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic Democrats like Ilhan Omar are more than happy to ignore the constant attacks perpetrated by groups within Iran and Palestine (and other nations) against Israel. Instead, she claims it is Israel’s fault when they are forced to defend themselves.

It is a bizarre and dishonest twisting of truth and justice. Apparently, Omar thinks Israel should do nothing as terrorists bomb them into oblivion.

Her statements betray her underlining anti-Israel attitude, that the Jews do not belong in the ancestral homeland. Much like the terrorists of the region, she believes Israel has “stolen” that land. And the only recourse? Wiping them out.

Meanwhile, Kevin McCarthy is bending over backward to ensure Israel has the resources to survive. It’s almost guaranteed that Hamas or some other group will try to attack them again. Perhaps soon. Without funds to replenish the Iron Dome, they are sitting ducks.

Will McCarthy’s bill make it through the House and Congress? Will Democrats side with a hate-monger like Omar and refuse to vote on it?

Can’t say for sure. But if they do, they really have lost their way.

Author: Sam Anderson